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Tom Clouse - Walking with Taxia


Tom is planning to come to England- hurrah!

I received this ....

Tom has been invited, and will be working with a few individuals in Ellesmere, England for the month of June. If there are others in the country wishing to work with Tom, he can be flexible to do that by extending hisstay and coming to ‘that’ area.

The duration of the extension would require one month and the requirements can be found on my website Go to the scheduling page and scroll down to read them.

Anyone interested?

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I would very much like to meet Tom and would be willing to travel. I have sca1 and would really value any help that Tom could give me.

Hi - great news thank you for sharing - I have late onset spinocerebellar ataxia of unknown cause but have gone gluten free (despite all tests being negative) and has seemed to of slowed progression. I have recently been reading the walking with ataxia website and it really gives some hope. My walking is really good my ataxia group say as I walk 2 x daily with my dog so understand that muscle memory really helps with ataxia. I live in Berkshire but would be very willing to travel. Our son is getting married on June 3rd so could not do that date.

Thank you.

Very interested, not too far from Ellesmere will go and follow the link, thanks for the info

I have been Corresponding with Tom over the last couple of months, I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, warm,friendly and professional. It would be a pleasure to meet him face to face

in reply to NormanE

where do you live???

I live in s e London, and you.?

Hi thanks for this info - I have followed the link and sent 3 emails now but so far no reply - the first sent was the same day as your post. Not sure if emails have got there even tho they sent ok.Friend is very keen to meet him, are you booked in to see him? If so, how did you do this please? Really don't want to miss this opportunity, thanks.

Hello! I'd like for my Mum to meet Tom - I'll follow the link 😊

I have just been diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia as a result of Multiple Sclerosis. I am only 42, but can barely walk because of having no balance. It has taken a real downturn in the last week or so and I have fallen three times this week alone, and broke my left wrist first and my right finger and I'm battered all over.It seems to have suddenly got very much worse and I am literally and metaphorically out of my depth. I can't thank you enough for posting this link about this wonderful man – I would love to learn and exercise regime to help me, despite having virtually zero energy! I can't believe that I live about half an hour from Ellesmere Port. when you say Tim, do you mean June 2017 ? I'm too frightened to move much in case I fall again – my young children are as freaked out as I am. Please tell me can it suddenly take a rapid turn for the worse and is this normal ? Thank you and sending sparkles.

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