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Fighting Ataxia

Hello all,

It's easy to say but many people seem to feel that help means asking on here or somewhere similar but much of this Ataxia thing can be beaten, or at least held at bay, by application of practice which can come down to willpower

Look at the website it's worth a thorough exploration but start with "Basic Overview" to get started. It's helped me already in the last few days. It's an American surgeon who has our problems but has worked out what can be done to help. Unlike many of his countrymen he's not selling videos, he's giving away advice and assistance. Believe me it's all good stuff and should not be ignored.

I'm anticipating bringing him over here next year when I've achieved what I can from his website. That's what you'd call putting your money where your mouth is but what else is rainy-day money for?

Regards Ant

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Thank you for sharing the I was unaware of it. Now having read thru it, I plan to incorporate many parts of it in my daily life. I highly recommend everyone to check out this wonderful website walkingwithataxiacom !!!


Hi Ant. I have been using this website since May and it has had an amazing effect on me. I have had ataxia since 1997 and have been using a walker for the last 4 years. When I started doing the exercises in May I couldn't take a single step without holding onto something. Now I can walk around my flat without support although I'm very stiff in my movements and need to keep my feet fairly wide apart. I have emailed Dr Clouse half a dozen times to ask him to clarify his advice and he always send me helpful replies.

I would definitely like to help with bringing him over to the UK.


Hi Ant

My son age 13 has fa could you send me Dr Clouse s email so that I can contact him please

Thank you


It's on the site, every page...

Regards Ant


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