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I honestly thought that today i was going to find out if im to keep my job or not. Walked into office to have the bombshell dropped that they are making one of us redundant. (Two receptionists, two sites cross country). I have received no letter of intention. HR just said she called a halt to any proceedings with the Health and safety guy as proceedings are in place for this redundancy. Contacted CAB who have taken me on and requested further information regarding their criteria for redundancy, contracts and various policies. The lady i spoke to said they will then help us decide on a solicitor or acas. I work in head office so therefore, a receptionist is needed for meet and greet.

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My heart goes out to you. It is not fair, go to your works committee if you have one or to a solicitor. I work 19 years for a firm and as soon as they noticed I was not well they began to set me up so that I would resign. The first 10 years I was never off sick once. In the last nine I may have been off sick 5 days, because I was in hospital for a lumbar puncture. They eventually fired me for something someone I was in charge of did. I took them to court and won. I got a settlement and am much happier at home. I was put in 10 hours extra per week (unpaid) and bringing work home. In the end your employer replaces you, because they do not care. Stand up for your rights, be strong, thinking of you.

Best wishes


I have them! A union man sent me a message last night. No notice of redundancy have been issued to anyone. No consultations have happened between management and union. The health and safety man left a while ago so no floor sweep has been done nor have the fire doors been looked at (I can't open them to access the loo) and even better, the switchboard has already been moved to another site where the other receptionist works. Also the agency lady that was covering me has been offered full time employment already. I finally have written proof to back me up.


Really pleased that you have the proof you need ! We do not need the added worry and it looks as if all your hard work didn't mean anything to them . It is their LOSS as i'm sure that the people of the younger generation don't put as much into their jobs nowadays dedication from both sides has gone out the window . Good luck with the rest of your claim x

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Thank you... HR will not respond to my questions but have insisted i go in on Friday for another meeting. However, my local law center have taken me so fingers crossed i can get them.


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