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Finger joint pain


for the last few days I've had acute pain in the middle joint of my second finger on my right hand. I'm assuming this has nothing to do with my ataxia but as I haven't seen my Dr yet I don't know for sure.

I can't bend or straighten my finger completely. It is a little swollen but not really much.

I had this a few weeks ago and eventually it went away, but now it's back again😒.

just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and if there's a link to contracted muscles.



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Dear Wobblywobbly, I have numbness in the tips of my fingers only on my right hand (dominant), but no pain! I've been told it's from carpel tunnel syndrome, which I was diagnosed with several years ago. I'm sorry I can't be of any help to you in terms of your pain, so it's a good thing to see your doctor. It could be caused by several things, which you obviously know. Thinking of you and my best to you..., ;o)

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hi there.

Horrid for you but would be worth having a(nother) word with you GP.

I speak with no authority so please check with your GP but there is a middle finger contracture problem which is easily rectified under a local.

I understand that the tendon, muscle or whatever it's called, tightens but as I said, your friendly neighbour GP will know.

So no panic :) Can be easily rectified

xxxxxxxxx love and light

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I'm having what sounds like similar issues at the moment. The middle joint on the middle finger of my right hand started to crack and pop when I opened or closed my hand: and now it is swollen and stiff: I can't make a fist because the finger won't bend properly, and is so painful that I actually thought I had dislocated the joint.

I have fibromyalgia, but this pain is something different entirely - I am also intermittently finding that I'm losing some sensation in the fingertip too. GP is not sure what's going on, but I'm being referred to a rheumatologist for more tests.. I don't think it's trigger finger: I'm hoping its just something like tenosynovitis. because that is fairly easy to treat..


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