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Maintaining portable mobility scooters- Tips to know!

Maintaining portable mobility scooters- Tips to know!

For making sure that the portable mobility scooter is always in a good condition, you need to follow steps. All scooters are very different from each other and hence, recommendations have to be followed very carefully. Make sure you clean your scooter from time to time as it would surely enhance the appearance and also prevent dust from entering into it. Let us have a look at the maintenance part by part!


Battery is undoubtedly the most essential part of the scooter and this is either gel based or lead acid based. Ensure that the batteries are always charged properly i.e. at least for 12 hours. This would help in maintaining the longevity. Also, once a year, take it to a professional and get it checked. For cleaning the battery, make use of a damp cloth. Depending on the kind of scooter that is being used, batteries have to be charged accordingly. Take proper care during winter time, as during that period, the batteries tend to wear off.


Majority of portable mobility scooters have an inertia system when it comes to brakes. The brakes must always be tested before starting a journey. Never set your scooter on freewheel mode as brakes won’t work well that time. Once the scooter is all set, see whether it is stopping properly or not. Servicing of brakes is essential once in a year for ensuring proper working.


Servicing of the scooter is extremely essential from time to time and these details are often found in the manual. You would need to replace the plastic body owing to wear and tear. Tyres also face problems such as puncture and this might lead to lot of hassles especially if you are away from home.


This is an obvious thing to be taken care of but often people ignore this. Once must always keep in mind that these scooters are very valuable and there might be high chances of them getting stolen. However, while taking the scooter, the keys must be removed, for ensuring security of the scooter. Secondly, keep a spare key set with someone you know.

Hence, these scooters need regular maintenance for being in good condition. Follow these general tips of cleaning and maintaining it:

•All exposed parts must be dusted with dry, smooth and soft cloth

•Dampen a cloth with glass cleaner or liquid detergent

•Use soft disinfectant wipes for wiping the seat

•Don’t let the components get wet

•Don’t spray liquid cleaners or water

•Don’t make use of harsh cleaners, oil or wax

•Always make use of a cover for protecting the build-up of dust

Read the manual properly for all the maintenance instruction. Usually, manuals have A-Z information listed in them, along with advice by the manufacturer, thereby saving a lot of time.

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2 points to add to this as I have said before most house contents insurance policy's cover the liability part of using your scooter BUT CHECK WITH THEM FIRST. And secondly about the security of key switches on scooters most use the SAME KEY so it is not as secure as you think consider other means or get the switch changed unique ones are available from ebay ect for about £6 but make sure you get 1 that holds the key captive in the on position


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This is not an advertising site. However I haven't removed this post as it contains some very useful tips to caring for your portable mobility scooter.

If you are thinking of purchasing a portable mobility scooter please make sure you shop around to get the best scooter and financial deal for you.

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