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Today I have my return to work meeting. I have my letter asking for reasonable adjustments to my contact (less hrs and nothing to do with payroll), my witness for support and note taking. I know not to sign or agree to anything today (as per gp advice) .... If they tell me today no they don't want me back, do I try to fight it immediately or do I come home and appeal ? If they try to pay me off, again do I take it or show the figure to acas or the like? Feeling very nervous

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    I have recently left work, well forced to leave! I was told if I return they would dismiss me on capability or I could hand my notice in with immediate affect. Which I did but only after they agreed a financial medical package, which they accepted as proving capability is very hard and time consuming. It's the best decision I have made, financially we are struggling but so much pressure is off my shoulders now. You do have to really think about it and work out if the hassle is worth it, whatever you do don't agree to something there and then think about it first. Good luck. Wendygirl x

  • Thsnk you... i'm thinking im going to be forced out too! When i asked in the HR meeting why thry wouldn't take my Neuros, GP, Ataxia nurse specialist's word for iti was told its not how they work and insisted i saw their company Occupational Health team. I did on the 2nd August and she said i would see the report she had written because i had to agree to what was said before it went to HR. .... So far nothing, so im not holding my breath. I have no idea what happens next. I know if they make me redundant, my pay will be rubbish as ive only been there 5 years. Work have insisted on a further sick note to cover x amount of time until they make their descision. good luck to your future xx

  • Don't take redundancy as you are right the payout is pants, I was at my company for 7 years but their new rules on redundancy only pays a weeks wages for each year. I asked for a medical payout package or they would have to take the Capability route, my work never got affected hitting all my targets but the pressure was too much something had to give. I managed to get 4 months pay out of them! So stand your ground xx

  • Thank you. Spoke to my gp yesterday he's putting at employees request on this sick note as they were adamant I can't return yet. However all the professionals in my life say I'm fine to at least try with reasonable adjustments x

  • I was "terminated" due to capability so I appealed and lost so I took it further and won. Don't give in they're corporate and don't want a fuss so sick to your guns xx

  • thats what i will do thanks

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