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Accessible holiday in France

Accessible holiday in France

Dear All,

If you are planning a holiday anywhere in France this year, and would like to have a local person make all the arrangements for you, then I can seriously recommend Fatie Ben Mi-moon.

I am staying here for a few days while I recover from a simple chest infection (it, fortunately, has nothing to do with my ataxia, and any expected problems. Phew!). It's never much fun being ill a long way from home, but as I am in the middle of my wee trip around Europe, I immediately sought sanctuary here (where I know that I will be well cared for).

I didn't even know that Fatie is a bit of a travel expert, and arranges local hotels, transport etc. But I have just watched her, hard at work, for the last 2 hours (using the internet and LOTS of phonecalls) arranging a 4-day trip for three people. What I didn't know, and what seems even more amazing to me, is that one of the holidaymakers requires the use of a wheelchair, and therefore accessible hotels etc. So Fatie's job is a bit more difficult than I had first imagined. But she has unearthed some accessible jewels.

You can find her at:



Iain :)

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Good to know Iain😊

Get well soon, and carry on 👍xB


Thanks B!

I'm in Lyon Perrache train station just now (waiting for a night BUS to Paris). Free WiFi and a recharge socket that works - so I'll have plenty to keep me busy for the next 3 hours while I wait).

Some REALLY heavy rain in Europe at the moment - so I expect Paris will be pretty damp tomorrow. Then another night bus to Amsterdam for my walk there on Saturday:

Then Brussels, Lille and home (at last)!

Iain :)


Dear Iain, France is a lovely country with wonderful people, as I visited several years ago! I can certainly understand why you sought refuge there while recovering from your chest infection! I sincerely hope you feel totally well soon! My best to you...,;o)

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Thanks feb!

Yes, while the whole of Europe is being flooded, I seemed to have found the only part that was basking under blue skies :)

Paris tomorrow - where I expect it will be a wee bit damper.

It's been a long time since I travelled much. And after becoming rather cynical over the last few years, it was a good reminder that strangers are not to be feared! There are some REALLY amazing strangers out there :)

Iain :)


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