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Accelerated Access Review Survey

The Accelerated Access Review (AAR) aims to speed up access to transformative drugs, devices and diagnostics for NHS patients. The interim report, published on 27 October 2015, sets out five main propositions which will form the basis of the review’s next phase of engagement; the first proposition is “putting the patient centre stage”.

Last week an online survey on ‘I’ statements has been launched; this is to give patients and service users a say at every stage of innovation. ‘I’ statements are statements that describe what is important to people who use services, from their perspective. The ‘I’ statements will provide a vision for good engagement which the AAR hopes will be used by all parties involved in developing new treatments and making these available to NHS patients, to inform the way they work and engage with people with ongoing health and care needs at every stage.

The statements cover four key areas:

•How priorities for research are set

•How people are involved in the research and development process

•Access to new and innovative treatments

•Shared decision making around uptake of such treatments

The survey can be found here

It closes on Thursday 14 January. We would strongly encourage you to respond to the survey to get your voice heard.

Many thanks

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