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A question

My present problem is weaving.tripping, heavy + legs or floppy legs. These happening at different times depending it seems on degree of exertion or usage. No upper body symptoms as yet. Why can I ride mountain bicycle with feet in cleats and feel completely balanced? No sweving. I do have adverse symptons after a ride but the pleasure of the ride is worth it. I use a cane when walking the dogs. I do not have SCA but Sporadic Ataxia.

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Hi Pec, I suffer from the same symptoms as you. I can't walk in a straight line but I can still ride my road racing bike perfectly. This always puzzled me as my primary problem is balance and perception. One thing that recently ocurred to me is that when I walk, I have trouble knowing how far the ground is below my feet. When I ride my bike, my feet are attached to the pedals and the difference never varies.

I do suffer after a ride with increased wobbles and fatigue but the effort is worth it.


Hi planetzed. Thank you for your reply. It must be a spatial problem as you suggest. I have a second opinion neurologist apt shortly and will ask him. The pleasure of being able to cycle is worth the it even with fatigue and wobbles there after.


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