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I use a stick for stability and have not, as yet, felt the need to buy a rollator. However, I was wondering whether any of you who do use rollators have found a model, with brakes, which provides support and stability on frosty ground or even ice. I know that this is unlikely- probably even a fantasy-but it would be lovely to have some tips on getting around in winter.

Any suggestions will be met with gratitude!

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  • I use a rollator, but the brakes are rubbish, during snow and frost I use a walking frame, much slower , but safer.

  • Thanks, Nigel. You have probably saved me the expense of buying a rollator.

  • Dear Margaretm, I use a cane (stick) to keep from falling, and in the Winter I have a special tip I can put down when walking in the snow/ice. It attaches (easily) to the side of cane with a release to put down small spikes. It's always attached to cane, but in the "up" position in the nice weather. It's extremely easy to release to the ''down" position, if need be. I bought it on the Fashionable Canes website, but I would think you could get it on any cane website or at a health supply store that sells canes. I also have an Access Active Rollator (bought it on Amazon) for pleasure walking and it has brakes, although I've not tried it in the snow/ice yet. It's great for walking, as it has two large tires on the from and two smaller ones in the back. Also has adjustable handles and a seat which lifts up to reveal a basket. Extremely easy to use! I LOVE it, as I keep it handy in the back of my SUV. As you can see by my response, I'm into things I can do with ease...,ha! My best to you...,;o)

  • A really helpful reply, February. In fact, I have already bought an ice attachment for my walking stick, in anticipation of bad weather! I have also got some boots with retractable ice attachments underneath which I shall have to try out. Unfortunately, they did not have my size in black, only cream, so I am going to be very conspicuous, particularly is I fall....

  • You're so welcome, Margaretm! I forgot to mention this, as you reminded me with your boots, but I bought some "grips" which slip on shoes or boots for snow/ice. I've yet to try them out, but will this Winter. I like the fact that they're removable so I can use them for diffferent types of foot wear. Sounds like we'll be ready for whatever the weather throws at us....,ha! ;o)

  • I used to use a long walking pole and then 2 and now I love my walker/rollators. They give me more confidence. If you do get one set the handles high so you do not stoop too much and I try to use it for balance not too much support.

    Brakes are useless so do try some if you can. A carry net thing is very useful and a seat. I am really lucky and have one downstairs and a friend gave me her Dad’s old one for upstairs.

    Downstairs I have a 4 wheeled Stannah Actice with lockable breaks. Upstairs I have a cheap 3 wheeler (with no carry net so I use a carrier bag). My daughter hates if I take my Active in her little car (it folds the wrong way for her). She much prefers the small 3 wheeler which folds the other way.

    We have gravel slopping drive and to get to my workshop I use my old wheelchair as a walker because it has big wheels. Wheel size is important too.

  • Thanks for the tips, Litty.


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