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Mild ataxia

I have mild ataxia. I'm 33 years old. I have muscular pain in my back. I have difficulties sleeping. I have short term memory problems. When I was a child, I had club feet. My feet have been sorted. I had.motor skill problems as a child and deep intensive speech therapy. I used makaton. I can talk well now. What problems do others get that have a mild form? I'd like to learn more about me and what is likely to happen as I get older. Will I live a full life?

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Hi chedzoyjulie :-)

I was diagnosed with mild Idiopathic SCA in 2011.

But I became aware of symptoms long before that.

Balance started to concern me in my 30s, then I had a seizure and déjà vu,

double vision and nystagmus, brain fog and disorientation, choking and slurring,

short term memory loss, inability to multi task etc etc.

So, for around 30yrs this has crept on, I was 61 when finally diagnosed.

I had to stop working in my 50s, lack of concentration was a big problem and the

thought of not being responsible at work was causing too much stress.

However, I went on to complete courses as a mature student, and after that a

variety of hobby crafts.

Don't despair, be positive, there's no way of prophesying exactly how things will

turn out. Even within the same family the severity and rate of progression can

differ enormously.

Best wishes :-) xB


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