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FA tweet goes viral!

Andrew Bailey is a gentleman with FA. He lost his sight 15 years ago. He loves books and being read to and recently put an advert in the window of a local bookshop for a reader. One of the employees of the bookshop put the ad on twitter hoping 2 or 3 of his friends would see it and to his total amazement it has been re-tweeted thousands of times!

The BBC, ITV, and the Daily Telegraph (so far!) have got involved and he and his Mum will be on the radio on Monday morning. Unfortunately we don't know which station. However there is an article about it on the BBC website.


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Hi Harriet,

This is great news - for TV, and the press to get hold of it - Telegraph, and now the Mail, and Mirror - it can only help to make people aware of Ataxia.

I spent 3 days in hospital last week - sudden - Atrial Flutter - went in with a 501 heartbeat. The nurse who walked me down to the day room for my daughter to pick me up asked why I was having trouble walking - I told her - she said she had heard of Ataxia, but when she went back to the ward she had a word with one of the heart doctors - who had heard of it - he asked her to go back and ask me if i would be prepared to take questions from a group of medical students who were in the hospital - I said yes - but after about 2 hours I was taken home - shame really - I was looking forward to meeting them and taking their questions.

Cheers - Doug, Bristol.


Thank you for sharing that Harriet, the story really seems to have captured the public's attention which is great to see! In case you missed it, Andrew featured on BBC London news yesterday... (around the 16 minute mark).

He also featured on ITV news: and Channel 4 news

The last time I checked the original tweet had been retweeted 1.6k times. Brilliant stuff and a great example of positive social media!


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