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At the advice of the Dr at the ataxia centre I have started taking 2g of Nicotinamide a day for energy and I have to say I have really noticed a difference. To reorder online I ordered 500mg tablets (the largest I've found - I have to take 4) from a company called Health 4 All, 180 tablets (so 45 days worth) was just under £10 (and I have a code for 10% off next time too - DISC2014) but what impressed me is that it is in a flat plastic 'jar' which easily fitted though my letterbox meaning I didn't have to traipse to the sorting office to collect it.

Would definitely recommend.

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Hi annagonesailing

I am delighted nicotinamide has been helpful for you but I must draw everyone's attention to the article in the most recent edition of the Ataxian which discusses the most recent results of a trial looking at using vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) in patients with FA. Although the results of this trial were exciting and promising, the advice is to not take nicotinamide or other forms of vitamin B3 at the moment.

Here is the latest edition of the Ataxian...

...and the relevant article is on page 6-7.

Best Wishes



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