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carrying drinks

Hi, just a little tip for carrying hot or cold drinks. If I carry drinks then a great deal of it ends up on the floor giving me even more cleaning to do.

I use a very small rigid tray, that holds 3 to 4 cups at a time. Then I have the other hand free for my walking stick. Usually I find i actually spill less like this, and if I do then it's just on the tray not the floor.

Simple tip but effective :)

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Good idea wibblywobbly :-)

I use my rollator to carry all my cups, plates etc... As I have to keep hold of the handles and brakes and walk - stumble - very slowly, and the left leg is quite useless really, just drags behind like a log.

I`m pretty good at it and do not spill much tea :-)


I use large mugs and only fill them half full. And a having a carpet that doesn't show tea stains is very handy!


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Large mugs, so simple and yet I would never have thoight of it :-)

Thanks Harriet :-)


Hi wibblywobbly,

I can't walk with drinks very far, I tend to stay near the kitchen sink if I am at home on my own. If I'm making a drink for anyone else, I just put it on the work top for them to get themselves. That way they get a full cup and I dn't have to clean up any spills. Easier for me and that's what matters.



I always cover everything tightly with clingfilm to reduce splashes & lost drinks + if I do drop anything hopefully it doesn't leak everywhere.


hi everyone large mugs a great idea not sure i have the strength to lift them ! lol i always say i'm not going to fill them up but my judgement isn't very good as my sight not very good no fault to ataxia . The clingfilm idea is a good one and i would like a trolley to carry the dinners/cups in but my big old dog likes to lay in the way . I suppose what i am trying to say is what doesn't work for one might work for another , i'm new to this ( second post) and it is such a breath of fresh air to have this site to voice to people who know something of what i'm living with without family thinking i'm nagging . Ataxia is new to me and i ache so much , no energy just wish i could plug myself in for a boost , just long for a boost to get things done ,(listening to music helps lift the mood but the dancing isn't any better lol ) thanks for reading and keep on with the ideas and the poems !! xx


Firstly, I like to say " welcome ". on the subject of mug's ( large and small ), I use a travel mug, it holds enough for me to carry safely, and is light enough for me......guests are helpful when asked to bring in their ( proper ) mug from the kitchen, for some reason I am also frightened to carry a glass, so if going to a party, I carry a plastic Becker ( avoids embarrassing breakages ). I also agree music is good and lifts the mood but I do find dancing whilst hovering or even tapping my feet whilst listen to music is fun :-). and lastly have you ever thought of penning a poem about being a " UNIQUE SOLIDER "....we are all unique in our own way and seem to battle though our ailments :-) :-)

good luck

Helen :-)


2 iideas that may help pepole

1 use an insulated mug for everyday hot drinks they have a lid but don't look to andypandy

2 Use a silicone drinks cover [Lakeland plastics do them for kids drinks with bees and things on top but they easily pull off leaveing just a clear discrete cover that can be used when out]


Lots of good ideas, keep them coming :-)

I Like the Clingfilm, but my fingers are too clumsy :-)


I tried all the above methods.Now I just use a plastic cup and lid and straw. I feel like a baby but don't spill as much.

I have been known to knock even this cup over and the fluid comes out and yes you've guessed it --makes a mess.


I wouldn't even attempt the cling film idea now as it would end up round my neck.


I'm new to this site but I've just read your post about carrying drinks. I use thermal mugs for all my drinks (whether hot or cold), as they're easier to carry and if taken into garden, saves creepy crawlies getting in as they have lids! They keep warm drinks hot for ages too. I've also tried putting cling film over cups and I have to say that this worked for me too but I much prefer my thermal mugs as it stops me spilling any (as I can't carry drinks at all), and if you fall it won't go everywhere (if the lid's secure of course).


I've never got on with trays - if the tray tilts a little bit, I end up overcompensating and everything goes flying. I tend to use tall glasses and mugs, and try to avoid those which are really wide at the top. And for cold drinks I always put ice in - the ice makes it harder to spill.


Hi I said about the silicone lids from Lakeland plastics if anyone tried and couldn’t find them you are not going mad they don’t appear to do them anymore but I saw this on ebay at 99p it is worth a go try Silicone Watertight Stylish Lid Mug Cup Cover Cap with Heart Shape Spoon Holder


It's actually pouring a drink where I have the biggest problem.

It drives me mad when I pour milk down the side of the milk jug! xB


from a German "Ataxia-Forum"

Ich transportiere heiße Getränke auf dem Rollstuhl in einer schmalen, kleinen Thermoskanne zu meiner Sitzecke , eingeklemmt zwischen meinen Beinen.

I transport hot drinks only in a narrow, small thermos to my seat in the corner

sitting on my wheelchair,the thermos being wedged between my legs.

(translated by Google)




Dear Wibblywobbly (love your name!), Great tip, as well as others listed here...,thank you..., ;o)


It's what my family have been calling me for the last 5 years! lol All in good humour :O


Good Tip, must try it



great to exchange our tips......... i've been also half filling the cups for about 20 years!!!! lol


All these tips are great, but I've been using a DIY cup holder for years and it cost nothing to make and works brilliantly. It's similar to the one seen in this video ( it works along the same principle. I made mine with a metal coaster (with a lip - so the cup doesn't slide off) but you can use a lid from a golden syrup tin or paint tin - anything with a ledge really. I drilled holes in it - equal distance apart to create an equilateral triangle shape. Thread three bits of string approx 10" long through each hole and tie knots under the coaster and then tie the three loose pieces to a curtain ring or key ring loop (Like a hanging basket). You have to make sure all three bits of string are the same length and the coaster hangs quite level. And then Robert's your dad's brother (or Bob's your uncle) you can put the ring on your little finger while carrying a plate and keeping one hand free to hold stick or guide yourself. Alternatively you can buy them here:


Re: above, the youtube link is


dear wibbleywobbely

You can buy a tray with a non-slip mat on it with a tall carrying handle going from side to side over the top of the tray

that might be good for you.


I´ve purchased a laptop tray (aldi). It is a tray with pillow underneath, which thus is quite stable resting on my thighs when I'm driving in a wheelchair through the apartment. Since then I can also transport several things simultaneously, eg a Cup of coffee, breakfast sandwiches, etc.

(from the German Ataxia-forum ; translated by Google )


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