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Gentle Chair Yoga

Hi All

I found a gentle chair yoga on Youtube which I enjoy (sometimes!) some of you might like it too. I think it helps with mobility and you can there are two ways you are shown, one easier and one more difficult - I do a mix.... I wanted to paste the link but have failed it has two girlies doing the exercises Kiera and Alison and it’s from the Canadian research institute..... it may help you???


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Thanks Carole ile have a look for that.


Sound good - thanks.

I had trouble with link x


Thanks, Staggy1! I'll have a look, as yoga is very therapeutic for ataxia! ;o)


Hi. Staggy 1

Good idea but I can't find the link!?

Can you help please

Cheers. Ted


thank you so much for this info. I've just done the session this evening and although I found it difficult I really enjoyed it. See if I can keep motivated and do this regularly.


for the link folks, just go to YouTube and do a search for gentle chair yoga. There are several different ones, but I followed the one from the chronic pain clinic in Toronto. Really recommend it👍👍


Glad you liked it - hope it helps? 😘

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