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Follow-up to Appointment at John Radcliffe

I have now received both an appointment for next year - very efficient, but now need to make sure that I remember it for next November!! - and a copy of the letter sent to my GP.

The letter is very detailed and includes a couple of bits that I am unsure what they mean so will make an appointment with my GP to go through it so I understand it all.

Also since my post about going to Oxford and mentioning I lived in North Devon I have met up with a lovely lady (Marygate) who lives about 30 miles away. We spent an afternoon chatting about things both to do with Ataxia and also more general stuff. Hope this will become something we can do again. She has also told me about someone else she knows locally who has FA and is in their 50's and hoping to meet up with them too.

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Thats encouraging!!! My so called husband of 19 years has left me cause he cant cope with it!!! Try having ataxia then!!!!! Will I ever meet anyone as Im now in a wheelchair.


You are having a tough time - you can survive it, I promise.I had a very bad time last year when Bob died and have got through it. If you want to 'talk' privately you can email me. Heatherxx


Morning Heather!

Isn't it lovely to get in touch with someone who just knows what it's all about? It almost

makes you feel like your old self again. xB


Dear Heather, So happy for you that you've met a friend you can share face-to-face with! Means so much to have others to talk with, as you feel less "alone". ;o)


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