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Taking Alprazolam with sucessful results

Over the last few months i've started taking Alprazolam for muscle relaxant at night.

I only take about 1/2 tablet every 4-5 days and if i'm really contracted i take 1 whole tablet (0.50 mg). It is very easy to become dependant on this drug so i do not take it very often - def not every day. I have found the effects amazing - i'm so less contracted the day after, i sleep soundly (no waking up from pain) and seem to have more energy, my spasms reduce and my co-ordination is better. I still do my physio exercises - this is not a lazy replacement ;). I wonder if anyone else has experience of this drug. I know you must be careful of the dependancy and not overdosing. But if you are prudent and it gives beneficial effects then i don't see why not. Any opinions or experience?

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I took this drug for general anxiety relief and had to get off it. It made me very dependent and even more panicky. You are prudent to take it in a limited dose. I switched to Clonex (I think known as clonopin.) N


Dear Wibblywobbly, I don't take anything for my ataxia, although I do get stiff and have muscle spasms. I tried taking Baclofen, but was more tired than I usually am. So glad Alprazolam is working for you! I'm going to ask my neuro about it next time I see him. I live in the States, and am not familiar with Alprazolam. You're wise to take it only as needed, as you don't want to become addicted..., ;o)


I need speak to my neuro about this in Dec, as it is my GP who has prescribed it. I'm going to send an email to another specialist of rare neuro musculaire illnesses - but he is not an neurologue to see what he thinks


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