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hi all, just to say i restarted the diamox at a very reduced dose of 62.5 mg once a day and am now on day 5 and feel great, no headache, no dizziness, no vertigo, only pins and needles which i can put up with, i dont see any improvement with my vision but at least my 4 year long headache is gone. is it possible that such a small dose would help me this much.

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Hi ringabel

I don't have any experience of diamox specifically. However I would say we are all built differently and something that works for one person might not work for the next. It is possible that such a low dose may help you. I hope the good effects are continuing.

Best Wishes



That is wonderful news, I do believe that some people are really sensitive to it, i.e they respond to really low doses! My personal experience is that I had to get to the max dose i.e 500mg twice daily before it made a difference to me, but it really has, no more slurred speech, not too much bouncy walking, involuntary movements gone, but exercise (any even walking a short distance) still sets my symptoms off, but hey beggars can't be choosers as they say. Am delighted for you.

Best wishes, Missilexx


had a terrible day today on day six of diamox.. think i over did it when i was feeling so well, headache back with a bang, dizzy , nausea etc...pity after such a great week.


I hope you've had some relief with the symptoms. xB


Do not worry ringabel, that is how it goes, it feels so great to be able to do things that you do and then wish you hadn't! Just rest 'til you feel better and pace yourself, who knows you may even be able to tolerate a higher dose in time. I tend to go in cycles where I feel great and then a few days of muzzy headedness and fatigue and bouncing, but if I rest it generally improves. Hang in there!! Mxx


only day six was bad woke up on day 7 feeling much better and am fine since thank god!!

thanks for the well wishes.think diamox is definately giving me a better quality of life. x


Hi not sure if you guys are still actively following the forum but I started on Diamox about 1.5 months ago. The first week I used it I felt so great that I was almost normal. Now although I still have symptoms and occasionally obvious ataxia, the symptoms are less severe. No speech problems anymore. However I sometimes also wonder if the effectiveness has started to slightly wane. I'm on 125mg now. I wonder in your experience how long before you have to up the dosage to maintain the effect, also whether having a break from medics can reset the body so lower dosage will still be effective? Thanks. I don't think I want to ever be without this medication as it is really effective.


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