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Small rant on hearing test!

I went for a pre-hearing test at my local health centre and was told that ear pain is not a symptom of Meneirs disease? I have all the classic symptoms of Meneirs (dizziness, vertigo, nausea and tinnitus) but I also get shooting/stabbing pains in ears occasionally. I was told by the nurse who performed the test that this is not a Meneirs symptom?

During the test while wearing special headphones a whooshing noise was introduced into my good (left) ear. During the process I experienced a sharp pressure like pain in my right ear (not due to the whooshing noise I don't think). This happened again, only worse and I had to take the ear phones off. The nurse couldn't understand this because she said that she had not introduced any sounds into this ear at the time? This had me baffled too and I'm now left confused! I assured her that the pain was real but she couldn't explain why.

Hoping that this can be explained to me during my official ENT appointment. Has anyone experienced anything simmilar?

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Hi Iain

Not sure of the answer there I am afraid. Although I have hearing problems and have had many hearing tests I do not have Merniere's and I haven't experienced pain like you described. Hopefully you will get answers at your ENT appointment.



My hearings not 100% (due to ataxia, my neurologist say's), although I've never had Menier's (spell ?) or pain in my ears. Have you looked it up on the net? Sorry, am of no help! Hope you find out the cause of your pain, as I imagine that it's annoying and very uncomfortable! ;o)


I have looked it up on the net february. Most sites don't mention pain in ears but some do.


Iain, have you had any falls where you've hit your head? My son in law has extreme ear

pain after having done just that. And, I don't think he actually hit the side of his head. xB


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