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laundry tip

I have found it verry helpfull to use "sock haangers and coat hangers" for hanging items on the washing line [just hook them on ] this allows you to "pre hang" things and eleminates the problems of fumbeling fingers and balanceing at the same time. I hope someone finds this helpfull I know most of you proberly allready do it but if just 1 person finds it helpfull it was worth it

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Thanks for the advice Johnpa! I'm going to try this, as I have a hard time doing laundry!...,;o)


I never thought I'd say this, I used to enjoy hanging things out on the washing line,

always wishing I'd had sock hangers!

Mine is redundant now since reaching up and pegging out became a hit and miss affair,

not to mention the dreaded frequent bending down and straightening up.

Strangely, my family actually hated the fresh air smell of clean washing anyway!


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