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Oxygen sats when exercising


Random question, does anyone know how much oxygen saturation should change during exercise, if at all?

I am still struggling with exercise despite generally being controlled the rest of the time. I am on sirdupla and have had montelukast added but to be fair, I don't think this has helped at all.

I use inhaler before exercise, warm up and work out inside but no matter, before long my chest tightens, I struggle to get enough air in, cough etc and have to stop. It happens with anything strenuous I do but happens even quicker if I attempt to run. And I'm definitely not working at maximum capacity.

I recently measured my sats before exercise and once I'd stopped due to symptoms and they dropped from 99 to 93. Didn't know if this was significant, or normal? I have yet to measure pf alongside this because I feel a bit daft taking my meter into the gym with me!

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I don't know the answer ,but would be interesting to know.

Hope somebody does!

I suppose that when excercising we breathe faster to get more oxygen in because our bodies need more when moving more.....have no idea if that means sats should be more,less or the same immediately after excercise!

Sorry I am no help at all!!

Ps .....don't feel daft taking your PF meter to the gym with you. I do as it can be useful.

I'm in the camp of being self conscious about taking my inhaler in public, silly I know 😳. Braved it and took my meter in with me yesterday to collect before and after data though. Drop in oxygen sats coincides with drop in pf and increase in symptoms, which makes sense.


your body will try keep up the demand for oxygen it should only drop by 2 or 3 unless you really exert yourself but with lung problems and restricted airways were always going to struggle more but if it stays above 90 it’s not harmful, I’ve always struggled with exercise more so then anything could never ever run to far lungs just wouldn’t get the oxygen in, so frustrating but I found my montelukast works a treat I sure know if I forget it the night before

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Ah that's good to hear that they're not dropping to dangerous levels even if it's dropping more than wound normally be expected.

Glad to hear that the montelukast helped you, does this allow you to run without problems now, or just mean you can do more than before? I've found no difference unfortunately. I'm hoping there's sonething out there that will help me, I'm finding it frustrating.

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Just can do more then before but my lung function is 67 god knows why just always had bad asthmatic lungs but when I started on montelukast didn’t notice a massive difference but stayed with it anyway then started to realised occasionally if I forgot it I would defiantly feel the difference and my lungs would feel tighter been on it like 5 years now

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