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Slow Recovery After Asthma Admittance

New to site. Asthma usually well controlled with flutiforma preventer, ventolin and couple of winter short courses of Prednisolone. Lifelong Atopic so eczema, allergies and sinus probs.

Boxing Day 2017, breathing not good, PF down. Out of Hours appt. 40mg Pred/Antibiotics. Week later no improvement. Didn't even get dressed. GP, another week Pred and Antibiotics. Next day, 111 sent paramedics who were great. Admitted for 3 nights. 2 lung clots, v bad asthma, positive flu swab. Tamiflu, Anti coagulants, cont Pred.

Home one week. No improvement. GP hospital admittance for 11 nights. Xray clear, bloods show no infection. Given Reg Neb/cont Pred/Montelukast 2x day/Theophylline 300mg 2x day day/Fostair 200/6 2 puffs 2x day/Tiotropium 18mg inhaler every morning/Pantoprazole to protect tum and the anticoagulant.

Been home 6 days. Not as breathless but so I incredibly weak. Get 'hot sweats'and 'dithery' inside and been bit weepy, think might be meds.

Doc say will take at least couple of months to recover. Thought with all the meds breathing would be back to normal by now. PF staying around 400 but doesn't feel as though it is.

Anyone else had anything similar or side effects from some of these meds.

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Last time I had an asthma do, as it were, it took me perhaps a couple of weeks before my pf was back to normal, quite a lot longer before my cough went by and large, and a minimum of two months before I started feeling normal, and even then I continued to get tired more than usual. So patience is the word. Not that I was good at it.


Hi Wheezycat, (loving the name) thanks for your honesty. Docs said it'll be slow but didn't want to believe them! Think I need to be more accepting. Your reply has helped me. As you are only too aware patience easier word to say than do.

Hope you keep well.


And I know I will be bad at it next time. And the time after that. And so on.


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