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Struggling to control my asthma

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I have had asthma for the past 5 years, i was diagnosed with adult asthma. Always been controlled until last year when I had a hospital trip my meds were changed and all settled. Since last November after a common cold that I couldn’t shift for 8 weeks I went to my GP as since January every month I have 5 day course of steroids and antibiotics becomes all I cough up in yellow phlegm. I’m struggling with breathlessness where it’s now effecting me doing day to day jobs especially stairs and talking. My gp has referred me to respiratory for further input as she is at a lost, iv been told having 5 day course of steroids every month isn’t good and she’s reluctant to give me anymore but as soon as I’m off them I have a another flare up. Iv had chest X-rays that came back clear so they are now going with my asthma is not able to be controlled with the help of my GP. Has anyone else gone through the same and if so what has been your plan? I’m just at a lost until my referral date which I don’t have yet and I feel so unwell but no one steroids and antibiotics.

Thanks 😊

14 Replies
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Hi sorry to hear your unwell. My asthma has been nightmare been on 7 lots of steroids in 6 months having loads asthma attacks. I finally had my consultant phone me as I've been on steroids for 7 weeks I've got to taper them 1 tablet every 5 days so I don't get atthma attack had covid 5 weeks ago still suffering couple of a and e trips. Before that I found I had to taper steroids slightly they made me feel worse after do you think it's that? Could it be allergys have they tested? Asthma UK are lovely to talk to for advise. I'm on Flutiform 250, spiriva, omerazole, fentofexadine, mouteklast

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Casey_87 in reply to Jolu29

Thank you, I’m not sure I know that I feel great on steroids and it seems to settle down, as soon as 1 week after finishing them I’m back to being unwell again. My GP said I can’t keep having them this way, but then she also said as I am an asthmatic I can have them 🤷‍♀️ all this has started from a common cold back in November ( definitely wants covid) I will speak to asthma uk and see if they offer some support. I’m currently on fostair and montelukast with using my reliever daily for extra relief.

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Jolu29 in reply to Casey_87

Yes can be tricky some gp don't like giving to many steeoids out. You could do with having add on inhaler such spiriva my asthma nurse did prescribe and another anthestine, think the more you bother them if your not right tbry will have to help they did have chase my consultant still do that if your struggling . My asthma all over place I'm prob not much help.

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Aquariel in reply to Jolu29

I can't use meds due to cramp everywhere and breast pain. I struggle to get by every day but the thing that works a bit for me is a steamer but only if I breathe through the nose.

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Aquariel in reply to Aquariel

also in desperation I doubled up on Loretadine and it reduces the asthma. Mine therefore is probably pollen. One tablet does nothing.

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Hi, I'm newly diagnosed, January, although I've had a phlegmy cough since June. I had a virus which resulted in an exasperation and like you I have had lots of antibiotics and steroids. Eventually classed as under control with Fostair 200 and Montelukast, although I was left with a phlegmy cough, which I still have. I am learning Buteyko breathing which has reduced my need for ventolin considerably, although my Buteyko score is still terribly low. I lie on my front for 10 minutes, using my hands to support my forehead. This helps to drain the mucus so that I can more easily cough it up. This is a yoga pose. I hope that helps. Good luck to us all!

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It sounds as though a 5 day course is not enough to calm the lungs and your GP should be tapering you off the steroids after 5 days instead of abruptly stopping. I find 5 days is never enough to make me feel comfortable about stopping. Tapering off by reducing 1 tab every 3 days until you are down to zero should be much more effective and prevent the rebound that you are suffering.

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Hi Casey, I went through that several months ago. Nothing would help and I hated taking so much pred. Here’s what helped me. My Doc put me on 0.5 mg of Clonazepam 3 x a day. I’ve had so much success with it that I now take 1 tablet every morning and half that dose around 1 pm. If needed I can take another half around 4 pm. I still use my breathing machine once or twice a day or my Ventolin. I hope this might help you too. We hate how asthma makes us feel. The only difference between us is I’ve had it all my life. Good luck! ❤️

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LysistrataAdministrator in reply to Maltesemama

HI, just wanted to flag that while I know your doctor told you to take it and I'm sure discussed the pros and cons for your specific case, it's unlikely that clonezepam would be prescribed to Casey_87 or anyone else struggling with asthma. It isn't an asthma medication and there may be an increased risk of it causing breathing problems for people with asthma.

Again I realise that you were prescribed the medication by your doctor and I'm not in a position to comment on whether that's right for you. I just wanted to flag that it's unlikely to be helpful and probably won't be given to most people struggling with their asthma.

Casey, I agree about talking to the Asthma UK nurses as they have more time and a lot of knowledge about asthma - 0300 222 5800 M-F 9-5 or WhatsApp - 07378 606728.

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Aquariel in reply to Lysistrata

if this is a version diazapam, I had some for a back injury and it took my asthma away completely. I have asthma every day and nothing works. It was a marvellous week.

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Hi, it sounds like the short doses of steroids aren't doing you any favours. I often need a week or two of steroids, then taper off when stable to tackle an asthma flare whether that's due to a cold or allergies. Maybe you could do with a higher dose of preventer inhaler too. I hope you get sorted soon .

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Hi Casey I’m no expert but I ditto what stones and reedb have said; it sounds like you need a longer dose of pred in one go. Personally I never find that 5 days is enough but bear in mind what the others have said in that a longer dose may well need tapering.

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Update: iv been seen by respiratory and had bloods taken, I did forget to ask if I call my GP for my results or do I wait until my next appointment which is in 3 months! Started on spiriva.

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I know this sounds a bit "out there" but I thought it might be worth mentioning:

My asthma suddenly got really really bad. I was struggling to breathe so much and for several weeks to the extent I was exhausted. It was terrifying as nothing helped.

I tried steroids, antibiotics, more inhalers etc nothing helped.

My nurse then noticed I was throat clearing a lot. She put it to the doctor again and I was prescribed anti acid medication for reflux. It worked!!! The severe breathing difficulties were caused by stomach acids burning my lungs and throat. I never felt them - just the after effects.

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