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Puffing like a steam train

Hi everyone

I have had a number of flare ups over the last 2 months. My GP says it has been a really bad winter for people with breathing conditions

I went to see my GP yesterday over my latest flare up and due to the number of them. I have a wheeze chest so was proscribed a course of steroids and antibiotics i am puffing like a steam train and feel worse now than i did before i went to see her.

Has anyone experienced this?

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There are lots of possible reasons really, all dependent on what triggers your asthma. If your symptoms are unexpectedly worse than usual, then the first step really is looking for obvious causes; allergies, etc. You mention antibiotics, so I'm guessing you've picked up an infection which will like as not be a factor.

The steroids might take a day or two to kick in, so maybe see if you start to see an upturn during & immediately after taking the course. This time of year can be really awful, but hopefully you will soon feel better :)

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Thanks. I feel my breathing has become easier since taking the steroids. Just seam to be getting more puffed out when walking, talking and eating.


You may have an intolerance to the steroids?


It's quite common for things to feel worse before they get better. You must keep out of the cold weather as far as possible and keep a scarf round your nose and mouth when you are outside. When you are breathless, everything is a lot more tiring than it was before and I'm afraid, the older one is, the longer things take to get better, (not that I have any idea of your age) so one just has to accept things and be patient and look after yourself. have a good browse of the asthma uk website to get a better understanding of the way you are.


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