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1st appointment with the respiratory consultant

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I had my first appointment last week with the respiratory consultant, they have added spirivia to see if this help, I am currently on fostair 100, montelukast, spirivia and my blue one I take about 3 times a day. I had bloods taken which I had to call the gp for they said my white cells are slightly high but can be normal with asthma. Just waiting on sputum results 🤢 I’m constant out of breathe, phlegm cough which is now at night. and no energy. I’m not due back until august which I feel is a long time considering I’m not feeling well. Is this normal to wait this amount of time? If I feel more unwell I assume I see my GP but they are reluctant to keep giving me preds when I’m having a flare up.

Just want to hear other peoples stories on there asthma.

Thank you 😊

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Waiting until august to see consultant isn’t unreasonable. They have added a new inhaler to your mix and it needs time to see if going to be effective or they need to try something else.Yes if you feel more unwell see gp. Or see gp if you continue to feel unwell. If necessary they can contact consultant for advice or to request earlier follow up.

Having heard absolutely nothing from consultant for a year and a half despite requests from my gp surgery at least you are being seen and have a follow up appointment agreed.

Hi Casey, I have only ever seen my consultant once a year. However, when I was first diagnosed, or when I have been having problems I have been seen in clinic every 6 weeks by a respiratory nurse .It then goes to 3 months, 6 months etcHowever since the pandemic I have had very little contact from the hospital - my understanding is that the in clinic nurses also work (or did do during busy times) on the respiratory wards and now are playing catch up.

I think the 6 weeks was to see how I was responding to treatment and to do FeNo tests and spiro to monitor progress (or lack of)

See how you go - it may be you have picked up an infection which will be picked up by the sputum test.

If you don’t start to pick up then give the consultants secretary a ring to see if you can be seen in clinic by an asthma nurse. Maybe a higher dose Fostair would suit you better. Only time will tell.

In the meantime add an extra pillow, if you haven’t already done so, and when you start coughing push the blues to open the airways and help you cough up the phlegm.

Another thing I had in my emergency armoury is one of those pipe things with a ball baring in it. When you blow through it it vibrates you chest and gets the phlegm to a place where you can cough it out. Might be an idea, but I’m always a bit reluctant to mention things like that as we are all different and respond in different ways to things.

Hi Casey, good he's given you spiriva inhaler. I found it helped the first 2 weeks of using it let us know how you get on with if. I have found GPS fab as in between they can up your fostair to 250 as someone else as said. Are you using your blue inhaler alot? I spoke to my consultant he just sent me bloods and ct scan getting referred to Royal Brompton that's wait. Just wait magic pill he won't give me anything else hsve you tried relvar inhaler , I did get offered that it's once a day, tried that ashma nurse didn't help .

So sorry you are feeling rough at the moment. Why is GP reluctant to prescribe steroid meds? If you are struggling to breathe the first thing is to keep you safe, so if GP is reluctant to treat phone 111.

Hi I have asthma and copd my medications are spiriva seretide and salbutamol. I personally think spiriva has been my life saver have been on this 10 years since copd diagnosed. I waited a year for a consultation, had a telephone call in march he needed numbers to give me montelukast had spirometry tests last week to give him this. So will see when appointment arrives. Fostair was a no go for me caused terrible side effects but works for many maybe you need this increasing 100 isn't a high dose. Give spiriva a chance I take mine at night that was what I was told to do a decade ago but was told it should be taken in the morning recently.. Not happening!!! I've had similar symptoms to you for a year now maybe montelukast might help me. I do hope spiriva helps you. 🤞

Hi Casey I was given spiriva with my other asthma medications and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised how much it helped me I realise not everyone is the same and what works for someone may not work for someone else and to be honest I felt I was going round in circles they kept changing my inhalers and i couldn’t get on with a lot of inhalers due to side effects spiriva really helps but I think you need to give it time good luck with it and don’t hesitate to contact the GP

So sorry you are suffering so badly with your condition.My asthma nurse asked me to try montelukast and I found I no longer need my blue inhaler.

I do hope your condition improves.god bless.

i think 6 months is quite reasonable to be fair , i see my consultant every 6 months ( well not since covid arrived ,,, but i do get 3 monthly phone calls ) , when you are given a new inhaler to try you need to give it time to see if it helps ,,, only time will tell , you can ask to see the respitory nurse at your health centre if your worried about a flare up ,,, at the moment you sound exactly the same as me ,,, a horrible continuous productive cough and feeling like a damp rag ,🙇🏼‍♀️ , i’m pputting mine down to recovery from an alergic reaction to an antibiotic,,,, sorry this isn’t helping you much ,,,, if in doubt ring your gp or respitory nurse, best wishes ,

Thank you for your comments, I’m waiting to find out if I have pneumonia or bronchitis. Feel very unwell and my inhalers are not helping. I’m glad that 3 monthly visits are a good thing, hopefully my new inhaler will help me x

UPDATE: been to the doctors I have steroids and antibiotics for a chest infection. Also picked up an possible issue with my heart I’m now being referred to cardiology. The gp is referring me back to respiratory as they feel 3 months is to long with the problems I’m having I now what an asthma attack feels like and iv had 2 over 2 days. Iv been told to call 999 next time as my blue inhaler wasn’t helping like it should.

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Glad you the docs have given you steroids and antibiotics, did wonder when they said you had raised white bloods cells that can mean infection. Yes do go to a and e if no better. Take care

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