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Steaming with salt

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Hi has anybody on here tried steaming with Himalayan pink salt. I have been reading of various, benefits, with it. Supposed to be helpful for asthma and sinus issues, I would be interested in any advice with regards asthma,. I i will try anything to help.

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Salt is an irritant but I've used saline nebs at the respiratory clinic and did well with them as they helped clear stubborn phlegm. I was started on a very low dilution so as to avoid triggering an asthma attack. From there the nurse increased the strength of the nebules, step by step and slowly, in order to monitor my breathing. I stress that I was monitored the entire time by a respiratory nurse. Not sure I would try anything home made, triggers can be unexpected and prescribed nebules are of a medical quality.

I know some countries are more open to using salt caves as treatment for respiratory patients but unless you have a rescue plan I wouldn't take the chance. I think you can buy Himalayan salt lamps and maybe someone on the forum has tried these.

I use a salt lamp in the living room and one in my bedroom, but never tried steaming with one

Hello! I bought it the other day as I was recommended this; however, it made me feel a little jittery (the same thing as if you took a new steroid). I am experiencing multiple chest infections at present with a cough, so maybe that is why. I think anything new takes a while for the system to get used to. At least this is a natural product, so taken appropriately, it should prove beneficial to the lungs.

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Natural products are *not* automatically and necessarily better for any part of your body, and some of them can be major asthma triggers. There are plenty of natural products growing straight out of the ground which would give me and others an attack.

I realise this isn't your post, but I need to emphasise that products shouldn't be assumed to be ok, helpful, and safe because they are natural. Even just steam can be a trigger by itself for some people, and asthmatics vary, so what is fine for one asthmatic is not for another. By that same token, it's not going to be automatically helpful to everyone with asthma - some home remedies can be useful alongside medication, yes, but not to everyone (and they should be at least flagged with medical professionals in case they interact with medication someone takes for any condition).

Hi thanks for all the replies,. I am abit scared of using it now, I was, going to put a little in a bowl with hot water. But better not rock the boat while unwell. Will just take my steroids, and use my inhalers, for now, x

Hi, i e been steaming with Himalayan salt for years and it does help. With steaming my only tip would be not to burn yourself when the steam is still near boiling temp. Salt has helped me massively with my asthma and sinusitis

Hi thankyou for the input. I bought a bag of fine organic pink salt to try steaming. I am on steroids at moment but thought the salt steam would help loosen mucus. Great to hear it has, helped you. My bro in law, uses it as, a, nasal wash for sinus, and, swears, it helps. I was put off by some of the warnings from people. But will give it a, try. I would, never drop my other meds, but feel also using this, might aid my recovery. If it doesn't I can use, it on food in cooking and, put in a bath. Better than table salt according to research. Thankyou take care,

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I've said this in reply to 1Fullerton already but as usual, *** please be careful with home remedies like this***.

Some products - including steam, and salt - can trigger people's asthma, and that can vary so 'it was fine for me' doesn't mean it will be fine for everyone. It may also be a problem if, as Poobah says, if you're making it yourself.

This goes for pretty much all 'harmless' home remedies. Vicks and steam - great for clearing a blocked nose for some people, will set my asthma off impressively.

Also as a general rule, please make sure you are using home remedies alongside your asthma medication, not instead of it, and mention that you're taking it if you're asked - some home remedies/OTC things can interact with prescription medication.

If your asthma medication doesn't seem to be helping you, then please contact your asthma nurse/GP/hospital team as appropriate, or call 999/A&E in an emergency. You can also talk to the asthma nurses on 0300 222 5800 Mon-Fri 9-5 or on WhatsApp - 07378 606728.

Hi I bought a salt lamp from the sat mines in krakow whilst visiting a few years back. Unfortunately made me cough constantly and wheeze so it went in the bin. Saline nebulisers are ok if you are tight need to loosen phlegm. I use a hand held nebuliser bought this online about £30 . I would ask your asthma nurse they'll prescribe saline. My advice dont mess about. Stay well my friend x

Hi I use a salt pipe with good effect. I have been doing this for many years after I learnt about salt caves and their benefits. Living in UK and they were then nonexistent I did research and hence salt pipe. I use one that you can use for about 4 years+ without having to renew the salt but very cost effective after initial outlay

Hi. I have been in a salt room quite a few times to see if it helped... It did nothing.

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