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Viral chest infection, feeling like crap

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As the title suggests I've got what the locum at my GP surgery thinks is a viral chest infection but I feel absolutely horrendous. I can't stop coughing, my chest feels like there's a massive weight on it and I feel like I'm drowning in mucus. I've already been prescribed carbocisteine but I'm still struggling to shift the mucus.. Any help or advice is appreciated

11 Replies
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I’m guessing your in UK …

If you have concerns please phone NHS helpline 111 ,,,,, yes you may have a long wait on phone…

After describing your symptoms , a clinician will phone you back & if deemed necessary give you an out of hours appointment at a local out of hours service / or send you to hospital for further investigation…and will email your doctor regards call

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I’m the same right now, so back on prednisolone once again and 4hrly salbutamol. But get back in touch with your gp or 111 out of hours if you feel you’re worse or not improving

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a viral infection can quickly become a bacterial infection where there is warm wet mucus sitting in your lungs.

Pretty appalling that the locum didn't prescibe a decent antibiotic for an already lung compromised patient. Usually it would be a good antibiotic in a high enough dose for two weeks (not amoxicillin).

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You’re so right, peege. Absolutely stupid & neglectful for gp to deny abx to a lung patient. Lilmix, please get back in touch with your surgery or phone 111. You need treatment, before the weekend. My consultant long ago lectured me to stop the “wait and see” approach & treat with abx immediately, otherwise infection gets out of hand & more difficult to treat.

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so lovely to see you 'back' Hanne

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aww, thank you 😘

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Definitely get back to GP, telling the receptionist that you're asthmatic and respiratory symptoms have declined and that you're struggling - you should get same day appointment.

One of our GPs reminded me, that as an asthmatic, I should never "wait & see" and how important fast treatment was in order to keep on top of things. Additional treatment can be a strong antibiotic and a course of oral steroids (Prednisolone). Even if the GP doesn't want you to take antibiotics just yet, prescribing them now can avoid further delays, especially over weekends. As someone else said, unchecked mucus can turn bacterial even though caused by a virus.

Hope you get add on treatment and feel much better soon.

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Hey everyone. Thanks for your advice 😊 I did go back to my GP and have been given 7 days of doxycycline and Pred.

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Maggie_Mae in reply to Lilmix03

that’s great!!… hopefully soon you will be on the road to recovery!!

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Poobah in reply to Lilmix03

Excellent. Hope you feel better soon. 🤗

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peege in reply to Lilmix03

aw well done you!

Doxycycline is a great antibiotic, 7 days may not be quite enough so do contact the gp if you still have the same symptoms on the 6th day. With Doxy you have to avoid sunsine on your skin. Prednisolone will help reduce the inflammation in your airways. It can make you feel a little buzzy so take as early in the mornings as you can with a snack.

Hope you're beginning to feel a little better. P

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