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Tilade or Intal inhalers and exercise


I have severe asthma, although it's usually 'controlled' during the week (as in, I'm not routinely having to use my reliever) with Spiriva Respimat, Seretide, and Montelukast, I still struggle a lot at ice hockey on Friday-Sunday.

I wondered if anyone has used an inhaler like Tilade or Intal, along with their steroid preventer, to help with symptoms during exercise?

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I always use my ventolin before exercise,even if I feel fine. Sometimes I take Symbicort just before as well. It's finding what works for you.

Maybe have a chat with your GP or asthma nurse?

gantsdacier in reply to CookieM

Definitely going to, I just have a fair amount of medical knowledge and I've read extensively into asthma so I always feel like they think I'm wanting more meds when I make suggestions. I figured if anyone here had experience with this class of inhalers then it wouldn't just sound like I'm going "gimme another inhaler to add to my meds collection" haha


This is probably exercise induced asthma, 5 to 10 minutes after starting exercising you get a drop in peak flow which lasts approx 20 minutes. So either take ventolin before or do a pre exercise warm up hard enough to induce your asthma and wait long enough for it to pass.

Breathing in through your nose and out through the mouth (making sure you expel as much of your breath as possible) when exercising can help.

I recently took part in a study of EIA at the Royal Brompton If you do more than 3 hours of exercise a week Dr Mateo is still looking for volunteers his email is m.bonini@imperial.ac.uk you get a very thorough check up including allergy tests.

gantsdacier in reply to Hidden

I've done all of that I'm afraid, with the exception of the study. I have type 2 brittle asthma and exercise and cold air are massive triggers, but so are things like cigarette smoke, e-cig vapour, chest infections, pollen etc..

It just sucks that I have to feel like I'm dying all the time every time I'm on the ice. Especially when I'm already using 4 classes of medication (short- and long-acting beta-2 agonists, high-dose inhaled corticosteroids, antimuscarinics, and leukotriene receptor antagonists) :/

Hidden in reply to gantsdacier

I dont have any experience of brittle asthma but it all sounds pretty s**t, all Id say is dont give up the exercise as it has improved my asthma.

gantsdacier in reply to Hidden

Yeah it's been brilliant, I had a period just before diagnosis where I had to stop going because I couldn't do it and once I was stable and doing ok my peak flow PB just before I went back was 310..then just before my last hospitalisation in December it was 380.

I mean I'm aware that mast cell stabilisers aren't really used anymore in combination with inhaled corticosteroids but if there's any potential for a benefit for hockey I'd be up to trying it

I used to be on Intal (many years ago) but the form I was on - IntalCo, the more powerful version - is no longer available as far as I'm aware. I switched from it in my mid twenties when I moved to a different part of the country and it became less effective at controlling my asthma. I'm now on flixotide 250.

My younger son was put on Intal briefly as a small child. He'd been diagnosed as asthmatic but the doctors were reluctant at first to put him on a steroid inhaler when he was so small (he was three, and a small three at that). It was not terribly successful at bringing his condition under control. He had a further four attacks requiring urgent medical care in the space of four months, at which point the doctors decided to put him on a steroid inhaler. His asthma began to improve after that:-).

gantsdacier in reply to MaggieHP

I'm beginning to think it's not really a viable option :( I'm just running out of things to try, and as my asthma isn't allergic as such, Xolair is out of the picture :/

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