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I've been railroaded into having Fostair NEXThaler by the Asthma nurse at my surgery , I've been on Clenin Modulute 250 mcg , salbutamol and salmetarol , 2 puff of each twice a day, for over 30 years ( back then it was Becotide and Ventolin ) and my asthma has been in control . I've just read through the patient information leaflet and found that "you should avoid drinking alcohol , alcohol can lower your hearts tolerance to one of the active substances of Fostair NEXThaler formoterol. What I would like to know, is I drink socially and what I call excessive, but when on holiday/Christmas and special occasions I tend to enjoy a few drinks

Has anyone else been on Fostair and drunk alcohol ?

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  • I meant NOT EXCESSIVE.

  • Hi I am on fostair and I have a drink every Saturday ha enjoy we only live once 👌

  • Thanks , just didn't want to cut it short, cheers 👍

  • 👌👍

  • Hi I'm on fostair and enjoy a few drinks without any problems.

  • IMHO unrailroad yourself! Just tell them it's not working and that you need Ventolin more often, and demand to be put back on the original or see someone else. I had a similar railroad experience 15 years ago and I'm back to exactly what you take (minus salmeterol because I don't need it). I only take it seasonally and for many years not but I think it's the best stuff. If you were going to change anything I would try to gradually reduce salmeterol and see if you really need it at all or at a lower dose ... but whatever you do stay controlled. I've learned that getting back in control takes longer and more hassle than staying in control.

  • Hi

    Thanks decided last night to have a chat with my doctor , as I'm not very happy about it , a few years ago another nurse put me on fostair and it sent me all dizzy and just not feeling like me but this nurse said this would be different , so I think the doctor is my next call. Thanks

  • The funny part of this conversation is that I said I was not on salmeterol (Serevent Diskus) but now I am since last Thursday. Still on Qvar 40 but increased the dose from 4 to 6. It's a noticeable improvement and i think I am basically clear now. Actually things started to improve with the extra Qvar two days before the salmeterol. Yes a bit shaky, jumpy at times or a bit of needless anxiety but actually it is fairly minor. The LABA (Long Acting Bata Agonist) can have that side effect but you may also get used to it. Fostair has formoterol and Serevent or Advair has salmeterol. They do the same thing but the effectiveness and side effects may differ for the individual. That is my personal experience.

    That is why I suggested you just switch to a different LABA than Fostair.

    Speaking of which how did your doctor "chat" go? I also got a new doctor last week so curious to compare notes.

  • I think champagne is good for you whatever you've got. Cheers!

  • Have any of you had any side effects from Fostair? I was put on this last week and my hands won't stop shaking and my heart rate has gone up :/ Shame as my chest is slightly better! Lol!

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