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Asthma attack lasting days

36 year old with what I thought to have been well controlled asthma my whole life.

Seretide twice a day and salbutamol twice a day for as long as I can remember and never any problems - play lots of sport etc.

Monday evening my breathing was constrained. Blue inhaler wasn't relieving it. Wednesday was worse, felt like I needed to take my inhaler constantly so saw the doc Wednesday afternoon. He gave me prednisone at 40mg a day. Took that Tuesday, Wednesday and today and am only marginally better.

Now told me to carry on with prednisone and also been prescribed clarithromycin antibiotics.

Have no other symptoms at all, not even coughing just tight chest.

Anyone else had a similar experience?

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I'm sorry to hear this,how are you

Feeling now,I get tight chest..worried me now x


I'm guessing you mean you've taken the pred Wed, Thu & today? If so I'd imagine it should start to really take effect soon. I often get a tight chest without coughing so I know what you mean.


Yes your correction was right.

I'm experiencing a bit of an improvement now but still feel nothing like normal.

Never experienced this before. It's very scary. Really feel for those who suffer attacks like this more regularly.


Breathing getting better now, but still far from normal for me. I've been on prednisilone 40mg for 5 days now so was hoping to be feeling completely clear but not really sure if that was a fair expectation having not experienced this sort of attack before.

Seeing my GP again on Wednesday.

Struggling to understand what could have caused this to happen. GP suggested that it could be an allergen like in hay fever but just seems quite extreme to me and would have thought that I'd have other symptoms if it was from an allergen - I have no other symptoms.

Is it "normal" to get a flare up like this, have I just been lucky until now?


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