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Tight Throat & Upper Chest PLEASE READ



I don't mean to add to the abyss of posts similar to what I am about to describe, but I feel as if this is my last resort! (Please read this post...)

Long story short:

I am male, 23, and in my final year at University. I have suffered with Asthma on/off for the entirety of my life and until now, was unfazed at tight chest feelings etc, as I knew my blue inhaler was close by. 4 months back, I was admitted to A&E when my throat was so infected/sore/course that I physically couldn't swallow, nor, barely breathe. That soon went down having been given mere co-codimol effervescent tablets to gargle with (Before christmas 2016). It's now 23rd March, 2017, and I have noticed my throat becoming tight on/off for three months now, but never thought much of it (being the least likely person to seek medical attention!). That is until 2 weeks ago, when my throat began to really become quite tight, and my inhalers provided little help as it did not seem as though my lungs are the issue. I know this is not anxiety related, for three physical symptoms.

The first, is the back of my throat looks incredibly sore (although it no longer is, actually feels very normal in respect to pain), there are many red spots on the back of my tongue and one of my tonsils appeared inflamed when my girlfriend took a picture (with a white spot on the inflammation). Furthermore, my epiglottis protrudes above the base of my tongue a strange white colour. I can add a video or photo of the back of my throat if this helps, but will hold off on that not to scare anyone for life!

The second, is when I have bouts of restricted throat feelings, if i open my mouth and take in a breath, you can psychically hear the restriction (higher pitch sound) of air flow much like it sounds when your lungs feel tight, yet, now it is clearly coming from my throat.

The third, is the bad breathe & general bad taste in the back of my throat despite being anal about brushing my teeth twice daily/brushing my tongue/mouthwash + now spraying the back of my throat with difflam + taking antibacterial nasal spray (first defence, i know this is to prevent colds, but pharmacist said it was the only nasal spray that was anti-bacterial so better than nothing).

So, to recap, I have been co-existing with some sort of tight throat (presumably an infection) for months, it has only but recently impeded significantly on my breathing.

I have seen the GP at university (whom I do not want to bad mouth, but is by a country mile the worst Dr i have ever seen), but persisted until he looked at my throat. He immediately booked me into have a blood test for glandular fever + an ordinary blood test.

I will be travelling down south for easter in a week, and re-register to my local health practice to see someone about my blood results.

My two questions are:

1) Is anyone experiencing similar or exacting symptoms to those I have described?

2) Could anyone advise what this COULD be (I understand the rules of the forum)/what should I say to the GP next visit?

I understand this is quite long, and If you're reading this, I genuinely thank you for sticking with it! I am at my wits-end and really don't know what to do. For those of you experiencing this too, its awful but we can beat it!

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Just print out the last few paragraphs above and read or give to the new doctor.

Doesn't sound like Asthma to me, more like Tonsillitis or similar.

qwerty1993 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the reply Pete. I'm sure you're right. Thanks for your time.

Hi, as you said we can't offer medical advice but it sounds very much like it might be silent reflux. You can get the symptoms you describe. Out of interest are you coughing when you lie down or eat? Hope you get sorted

qwerty1993 in reply to NannyP-UK

Hi, that's very interesting. I do often suffer from mild reflux, but never thought it could be the cause of something more severe! I don't recall any correlation between lying/eating and coughing though...

Thank you for your kind words.


Try not to worry too much. The ball has started rolling and I am sure they will find out what is causing the symptoms you have. Have a look on the NHS choices website and note the symptoms for glandular fever and see if you fit into those.

I would say that this is probably not your asthma but some other thing that you are not shaking off easily.

Write all your symptoms down and go through them all with your doctor. I'm sure doctors find it easier that way instead of someone sitting there trying to think of them all! And don't be afraid to write down anything he says to you - I always do that because as soon as I walk out of the door I forget what he/she has said!

Just to add, my grandson who is only 5 has had constant tonsillitis for years, he has actually been to the doctors again today for more antibiotics. When I look at his throat I actually wonder how he can breath they are so swollen.

So, I'm sure once you receive the correct medication for your problem all will be well.

qwerty1993 in reply to Sandie500

The ball has indeed started rolling, to what end, I don't know!

I intend to make a concise list of symptoms for my GP to look over, perhaps I should show him/her a video of the back of my throat whilst my symptoms are bad too!?

I am sorry to hear of your Grandsons ill health, from the more I read, throat/nasal infections can be a pain to shake off!

Thank you for your reply.

Sandie500 in reply to qwerty1993

Yes I'm sure a short video or photgraph when your condition is at it's worst would greatly help a doctor to make a diagnosis.

The problem with appointments is that they are often a few weeks in the future and by then you can feel or look fine, so I am sure that would help!

Have u ever had am ogd camera test to check your osephagus

I have never had more than a wooden stick and mere glance at my throat.

I will request a proper examination when I see the GP.

Would an OGD require specialist referall?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes need gp referral. This can be a routine or urgent referral depends how quick u need seen

I think but its only my opinion that u should get an ogd to look at your osephagus and stomach. Some people get narrowings which is corrected by a stent. Some hav helibacter bug which is corrected wi antiobotics. Some have hiatus hernia and acid reflux which is treatable. Some hav ulcers. Of course u might not have any of these but its worth chatting to ur gp about it. Hope u r well soon. Good luck uck.

Hi qwerty1993, I'm sorry that your having such trouble, you have been given some good advice at least if its reflux you can get something for it, just our off interest are you using a preventer inhale as well as your ventolin blue inhaler, as some steroid inhalers can cause sore throats and mouth , I was advised to rinse my mouth after taking my steroid inhalers as well as my blue one also use a airchamber to ensure the you are getting the inhaler into your lungs,

At least you are doing the right thing and going to see your doctor,

Good luck , keep use posted on how you get on,

Loraine x

Hello Loraine,

Yes, I use Clenil Modulite 100 + Ventolin.

I do not use a spacer, as the one I have is a turbo (smaller thinner spacer) of which I was recommended NOT to use as they have an inefficient delivery.

I have been told the brown can cause complications r.e thrush, and often make sure I have some liquid post-taking it.

Thank you for your kind words, I will update the thread when I know more for others knowledge!

Hi Had similar symptoms. My GP prescribed Avamys steroid nasal spray which sorts me out. Might be an idea to ask about a 6 week trial . Worth a try too. Best wishes


That's very interesting. I will note this down for my upcoming appointment.

I don't use Lynx, so I would not know.

Thank you for your reply!

Hi does this tight throat make you cough is it worse if u spray lync

qwerty1993 in reply to Hay1234

I thought Skigoddess mentioned Lynx, so he/she will be confused at my reply!

No, I don't use Lynx, so I wouldn't know. I often cough if I look upwards?

I mentioned the Avamys nasal spray. It's used to treat 'the whole airway ' as described by my GP so it helps prevent sinusitis and post nasal drip. I used to get the same annoying cough when I turned my head or looked up. That's now disappeared. Hope that helps.

Ps . All my family are now using roll on deodorant instead of aerosols like Lynx. The clearer air helps too 😁

Apologies! Ok, that's very good to know, I'll let my GP know. Actually, during my last appointment with above described inadequate GP, nasal drip was mentioned.


It sounds like an infection. I had similar symptoms when I was intolerant to a new food. The consultant said it was more of a digestive problem that was causing asthma. The right throat is a reason to something. I would have thought the go or consultant could clarify when they look at your blood test results. The thing that helped me midst apart from Dr eventually looking at throat was darling water and drinking smooth drinks. Best wishes Lauren

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