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Allergy induced Asthma for real?


Had childhood asthma but don't remember. Two years ago, I started sneezing uncontrollably. Then constant coughing. Allergist told me I had AIA. Tons of allergy test, yet no reactions. Even blood tests. Still no reactions. Determined my sinuses were impacted and needed surgery. Had surgery and was told I would love my new life. Yea, right. So steroids are awesome! I feel like supertanker. I smell everything, taste everything, function great. Until two months after the shot. Then my sinuses stop up, no smell, no taste. Drainage gets bad, and I dang near choke to death. I cough so hard because I feel as though drainage is in my windpipe. Then the asthma starts. Then I repeat the process with steroids. So I'm thinking it is a good preservative of some type. Ate a sausage egg biscuit and five minutes later, I had some serious breathing issues. Ate at a fresh deli, five minutes later, same thing. Seems my asthma only acts up after I spends several days of extreme coughing and my lungs begin rattling. Anyone care to take a shot?

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Oh no. I have asthma and allergies and can sympathize. Sounds like a food trigger but tying it down is so hard

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Thanks QC

Sulphur intolerance?

My goodness I wouldn't know where to start. Awe stay as well as possible x

Got diagnosed with late onset asthma as a result of 6 years of continuous winter colds, so there's obviously a link. Also, suffer from hayfever in summer, and that also predisposes you to asthma. There's nothing in my blood tests to indicate that I have allergy to anything other than grass pollen (hence the hayfever) and cats (never had a cat!). I suspect your windpipe issues are mucous from your lungs, which is also common with all obstructive breathing, including asthma. I find the mucous can affect my ability to swallow properly, that irritates my throat, and can cause some coughing (though nothing like yours). So I guess we're just unlucky and will have to find some effective asthma medication.

Much appreciated.

My asthma is triggered mainly by allergies and food sensitivities. Sulfites trigger horrible attacks for me. I carry a portable nebuliser and epipen in my (very big) bag all ute time now.

I take a fair bit of meds which I won't bore you with but a new addition for me is ranitidine not for my reflux but to block the histamine that isn't getting blocked by my fexofenadine.

My asthma is quite roller coaster but I am keeping my fingers crossed as it has been a few days since anything to exciting happened with it.

I hope you find something that helps and feel better soon xxx

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