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Newly discovered allergies and link to asthma

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I posted a few weeks ago as I was having a bad flare up of asthma post-covid. I had a asthma attack at home and saw my GP shortly afterwards. Because it happened out of the blue at home and not due to my normal triggers like exercise, smoke, pollutants etc, she decided to do some allergy tests and lo and behold I’m allergic to cats, dogs, horses, dust mites….so she thinks the change in seasons may be exacerbating what is likely a flare of allergy-induced asthma. I was already taking Fostair twice daily, plus more lately Montelukast, which worked for me in the past. Now have an antihistimine added in too. I’m still coughing and out of breath every day though, nothing is making much difference. Plus I don’t have any other allergy symptoms - sometimes I would get eczema and other skin rashes but have none now, nor do I have a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes etc. Do any of you have allergy-induced asthma but no other symptoms other than your asthma? At a loss as to what I should try next.

13 Replies
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Hi kjs81, have you been given a short course of oral steroids for an asthma flare up? I would ring your GP back and be assessed. This link is useful for recognising a flare up: - obviously welcome to give us a ring on the helpline for advice 0300 2225800 option 3 for nurses

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kjs81 in reply to Claire_ALUK

Thanks Claire! No, last time I had a bad flare up steroids didn’t work but montelukast did, so this time we skipped the steroids and went straight to montelukast.

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Claire_ALUKPartner in reply to kjs81

Give us a ring if you can ;)

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Sal678 in reply to kjs81

Do you take that regularly or just for flare up ?

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kjs81 in reply to Sal678

Montelukast? I’ve only taken it for a flare up once before, a few years ago. Stayed on it about 5 months and then came off with no problems. This is only the second time I’ve taken it but it’s not working this time.

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I would like to know which anti-histamine you added? - and what kind of relief you are getting from it - if any….?

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kjs81 in reply to Snickers72

Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg once daily and no relief so far!

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DeanSamson in reply to kjs81

I take 1 in the morning and 1 at night

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I'm the same - allergies but with an immunological response resulting in generalised body ache (as bad as when you have the flu), joint ache and chest vice-like pressure.

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Mijmijkey74 in reply to LHP118

I have this aching. It appears to have started the same day or next day or day after that when I had my first fasenra injection for eosinophilic asthma. Just recently had my 3rd injection. I have deep aching bone and muscle/joint pain and aching to head to toe and it is affecting my knees and ankles and ability to walk properly. It is also in my wrists. l have muscle weakness anyway related to a coma I was in some years ago that I've never made a completely full recovery from, but this deep bone, muscle, joint aching pain is on top of what I already struggle with due to the coma muscle wastage I incurred.

l don't have chest vice pressure though. Have you seen a cardiologist about that? I had biventricular heart failure and didn't even know it there, but knew I was incredibly poorly but getting anyone to take me seriously was a nightmare. It was only discovered by accident 3 days into my coma. They were shocked, it was an unexpected discovery. I was in a coma due to a massive asthma attack not due to heart failure. Though prior to them discovering the hf I wasn't expected to survive my coma anyway. They were just doing a chest x Ray due to my asthma when they discovered the bivent hf.

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LHP118 in reply to Mijmijkey74

In hindsight, my problems began at every major hormonal milestone - my allergies were triggered by pregnancy and I wonder whether asthma and allergic immunlogical reactions were because of peri-menopause. It's sad that the NHS does not warn us, women, about possible impacts.. but I expect that this is also because each of us is so unique and individual as to have specific reactions / symptoms / impacts.

It has taken me almost 10 years to identify and work through my health imploding - over the years, mainly because of self-identification, I have identified deficiencies in Haemoglobin, ferritin, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and being a pre-diabetic and resolving each of these one by one .... to make my quality of life better. I now have only the asthma and allergic immunological reactions to counter.

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Hi sorry to hear your not well, I have severe asthma, then got covid, my asthma more sensitive to my allergys now my chest hurts more doing things . Wear a mask for cleaning if that's trigger my consultant said to that pre covid. I can get asthma attacks just from thr wheather or having bath when my asthma plays up. Do find I could do with anthestime in afternoon my consultant has saud I'm on all he can give. Fentofexdine in the morning with ompetazole, monteklast in evening don't find it helps much I'm on flutiform 250 and nasal spray . Do go back to your gp don't struggle with your breathing, I found my gp better than thr asthma nurse. Had to go on steroids for couple MONTHS taper down and 3 lots antibiotics. Do think steroids would help how's your peak flo? Do you think it could be long covid causing flares, they should offer you xray?

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kjs81 in reply to Jolu29

Thank you. Sorry to hear your asthma has been bad too. Steroids didn't work for me last time I tried them but montelukast did, so I assumed it would this time. It's not helping though, even with fostair and an antihistimine added in. I'm short of breath and coughing all day so definitely need to speak to GP again. It could be long covid, really don't know, but it started flaring as soon as my other Covid symptoms were dying off.

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