Finally might get better!

Phew. You may remember me from October and early November. I've been suffering a long exacerbation and been on steroids since 11th Oct. 2 admissions into hospital, came out 12 days ago. Still not better, but missed my consultant appointment while I was in hospital and got sent to the back of the queue! Waiting until 15th Dec! Finally yesterday after bugging the respiratory nurse I met in hospital she brought my name up in a meeting and suddenly there is a bed for me! A promise of let's sort this once and for all.

I'm so pleased. I haven't been to work since 10th October and have got to the point where unloading the dishwasher can't be done in one go, I need a sit down for an hour. It's no way to live.

I'm on 30mg prednisolone was supposed to be reducing from 40mg not got below 25mg ever yet), symbicort 400/12, montelukast, Spiriva respimat, (started at my last admission) Nasonex nasal spray, Omeprazole, calcium tablets, Cetirizine, I am so fed up of being ill and in and out of hospital where they just treat the attack and assume you'll get better. I am hoping I get to see my elusive consultant tomorrow and might have a plan for getting my life back! Not to mention my normal face and waistline!

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  • Hope that they get things sorted for you 😊

    I've been on similar meds to you but recently my doctor swapped them around - cetirizine for fexofenadine 180, symbicort 400 for revlar ellipta 184 and montelukast for zafirlukast, they were swapped one at a time I think the zafirlukast has made the biggest difference tho all of them seem to suit me better. Good luck and I hope they find something that helps

  • Hi Jenhcat I was chronic asthmatic for 40 years & took all/ or old equivalent above prescription drugs during that time did not get better until I changed my lifestyle -diet, no alcohol, no refined carbs., cut down on dairy & supplemented with enzymes & lately strong probiotics ( look them up) Now 72 no more asthma fitter than I have ever been no pain sleep right through the night.

  • Hope you get it sorted, glad you are feeling better..yes we do take longer to overcome a flare up..prevention is the key..

  • I too have been suffering with Jenhcat. A long exacerbation with acute in between. Four lots of steroids and an ambulance in 9 weeks. My new consultant is determined to get me under control so that I don't have the flare ups!!

    We all need to start really pushing for the treatment we need rather than just accepting our symptoms. My consultant wants me not taking my blue at all...may take a while to get there, I'm not sure I'll enjoy the journey but I'm looking forward to the destination!!

    There are many of us on this forum that need to do the same thing!!

    Jenhcat, hope your journey towards the destination is quick!!


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