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Any advice appreciated:)

I'm 48 and long story short, had 3 episodes of bronchitis in 2 months earlier this year. this, my specialist says, triggered adult asthma.


As Chest was always clear, not wheezing, o2 levels ok and as I also have a chronic cough (prolonged, deep) difficulty in inhaling ( can't use inhaler without spacer) the specialist wouldn't diagnose asthma as it ' didn't tick all the boxes'.

I've had several X-rays, hrct, tons of bloods ( inc cardiac), sputum and threat swabs. Only thing that showed was a nodule on lung ( which hasn't changed in last 4 years) and I have continued haziness on right lung base. Lung function test 63%

1st X-ray showed pleural opacities, but didn't show on hrct.

I recently spent a week in hospital following 2 acute attacks, where luckily they heard crackles and finally wheezing so she was more confident it was asthma, but she's still saying ' it doesn't tick all the boxes' and is just ?asthma.

Saw a ENT last week, and all clear. No sign of vocal cord dysfunction.

I'm on seretide 250 bd, ventolin, atrovent and nebs.

My symptoms have varied over the last 6 months, but a typical attack would cause painful tightness to chest ( by heart area) difficulty breathing in with long deep exhales.

My o2 levels can drop to 84 leading to attack hours later. Other times they don't. I get so much fatique I've hardly worked in last 2 months.

This month ( since I was discharged from hospital) I am very mucousy, and tonight's attack felt less tight in that area, but abut higher up . Lots of phlegm.

I am SO fed up of specialist and GP keep saying ' it's asthma, kinda' and that it isn't controlled...but not doing much to help me control it.

Even when discharged from hospital, the consultant said ' its asthma, but thats not the whole picture'

I know asthma is complex and affects everyone in difficult ways, but can anyone offer any advice ...before I loose my mind as well!! ;)

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Hi your lung function is quite low and while it might not be asthma it could be something else instead such as copd. How old are you? Do you or have you ever smoked? A spirometry test (breathing into tubes) would show copd so I would ask for one.

If it doesn't anything then ask for a CT scan. This is much more comprehensive and should show up any problems. You can also ring up an asthma nurse on Asthma UK.

There is another site here for breathing problems which I am on as I have copd. It's on HU under British Lung Foundation. It is a very good site and you will get more advice on there. x


Oh to find it go into 'my communities' at the top of the page, then into browse communities and type it in the box. x

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Specialist said lung test and ct was negative for copd. Thanks for advice on sites ;)

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Hi there is obviously something wrong even if not copd. The BLF site is for all people with any lung problems, even if not diagnosed yet. It is a very well used site and you will get lots of folk giving you the benefit of their experience.

Having your sats drop to below 90 is not normal and can be dangerous. x

Ps I am not on commission or anything :)


See reply to caroline above

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Hi Caroline I had late onset chronic asthma after anaphylactic shock form aspirin which inspired me to find a natural cure; 40 years later taking proteolytic enzymes for 7 years & probiotics for 2 years I am now totally free of asthma.


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