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Kinetik Allergy Reliever

Has anybody used the Kinetik Allergy Reliever, and what sort of response have you had.

I bought mine last December and started to use it.

My hayfever symptoms have drastically reduced, however I do not think the pollen count is very high due to the wet weather and I am waiting for a spell of hot weather to see if their is any difference.

I have not taking any anti histimine tablets yet either.

I have had a dehumidifier in my bedroom for the last 18 months and that as helped my asthma a lot as well as purefy the air in the room.

I generally seem to be affected with my asthma through very cold and hot weather .

Another thing I do is to put a few drops of albas oil in a facemask when doing gardening and hoovering in the house.

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Hi I've not heard of this, what does it do and how do you take it? I'm asthmatic but generally don't have hay fever but my daughter in law suffers badly every year.

Hope you're soon feeling better


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