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Heatwave advice ☀️

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Many people think of asthma symptoms being worse in the winter. But hot weather is a top trigger for lots of people with asthma too.

Temperatures are expected to reach the low 30Cs in some parts of the UK, so it’s important to be following our weather advice. Here are some of our top tips:

✅Keep taking your preventer inhaler as prescribed and carry your blue reliever at all times

🚶Plan any outdoor activities like a walk or exercise earlier in the day when air quality tends to be better

🤧Keep an eye on pollen forecasts if this is one of your asthma triggers and take your regular hay fever medicines as prescribed

📖Use your written asthma action plan so you know what to do if hot weather triggers your symptoms

Find more helpful ways to stay safe with your asthma 👉asthma.org.uk/advice/trigge...

14 Replies
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Heat is a big trigger for me, Im usually better during the colder months.

Heat and cold are both triggers for me.

Today, I went to bin outside opening the door the heat hit me and chest instantly tightened and became painful. Having to stay in the house as it is cooler inside (got curtains closed.

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Junglechicken in reply to LDloveslattecoffe

Me too. It’s extremely hot today. My poor plants are wilting away so I popped into the garden with some water. Came back in, tight chest and a quiet wheeze. Couple of shots of blue has sorted me out. I’ve got the blackout curtains closed too.

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I've now found the heat as bigger a trigger for me.

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I am sorry the heat is giving you trouble (the humidity and heat is also a trigger of mine). Hope you are feeling better real soon. Try to stay inside if you can. :)

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Heat with humidity is a trigger for me. Heat with insufficient airflow also makes me short of breath. Other triggers are lack of sleep and anxiety. Hello from the USA.

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one time hot weather never bothered me it was winter I used to have problems.

But now the weather is getting hotter like this weekend coming its going to be at least 30° on the east coast. When I find its hot and no breeze/wind I feel like I'm suffocating and can't breath so i end up going out early about 7am to go to the local shops. Then I put the fan on downstairs and put the one on upstairs when I go to bed and leave it on all night.

Since an old lady died and I was keeping an eye on her I was asked if anything I want from the house so I asked if I could have the fan which I found out is of those what was advertised on TV by the maker of the hoovers and its gives out a lot cooler air then a dan does

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Yes, I used to live in the tropics and loved the heat, but since all this started I can't even go into the conservatory on a hot day without seizing up. Pah.

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Thanks for all your replies. I think the key message is don't put up with symptoms, if your asthma is triggered easily by heat or anything else contact your GP or asthma nurse (or give us a ring 0300 2225800), there maybe gaps in your asthma care that can be altered to help you gain better control :) asthma.org.uk/advice/manage...

I am struggling today believe its the air pressure.

Chest very heavy, wheezy every time I walk.

I felt like this the other day but didn't take any extra medication than the normal am and pm dose

My inhaler is combined - DuoResp Spiramax 160mcg/4.5mcg (mixture budesonide and formoterial fumarate dihydrate)

I was told 2 puffs morning and 2 puffs at bed time and I can take up to 8 additional puffs.

I also have my Ventolin (Salbutamol) 200mcg

Today I thought I must use inhalers. I have taken my morning 2 puffs DuoResp but then lost count of how much Ventolin/DuoResp I have taken since. Need it every time I move to go upstairs to the bathroom.

Feeling a little better now but chest still a bit heavy and still wheezy.

Hate feeling this heavy chest feeling - has to be air pressure me thinks as seems to change after a storm

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Claire_ALUKPartner in reply to LDloveslattecoffe

Hi sounds like you need some help tonight, call 111 and let them know what’s happening

Thanks Claire_AUK, in the heat I have been waking up a lot like this.

Previously haven't thought to take my inhalers but did today. By about 4pm the heaviness eased.

Still whezy on movement but it is more like high pitch whistle (think coming from base of neck) only occasionally a little lower more chesty wheeze.

Thing is I have always ridden it out but today was tougher.

I have my Cpap and can usually do 5 hours straight but last 2 had window furthest away from me open and fan on and still not being able to keep it on for more very long before I am forcing it off.

I know I should call 111 over the weekend if it gets worse but as taking the inhalers and monteleukast, antihistamines, nasal spray and monteleukast. I know need to take the inhaler more.

I live on my own and there have been many times when been around friends and family they will tell me to take my inhaler because I haven't noticed.

I'm going to keep taking my inhalers more frequently the way I feel at the minute so I need to do it more consciously.

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Both the heat and cold are triggers for my asthma. As during the winter I struggle with cold and infections. And during the heat, like this current heatwave, with pollen being high and with the thunderstorm warnings, my chest has definitely been more tighter, I a coughing more and am more lethargic and also my Peak Flow is down.

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Claire_ALUKPartner in reply to Hpaddict

Hi Hpaddict, sounds like you could be having a flare up, give your GP or 111 a call now. AUK helpline is 0300 2225800 M-F 9-5 if you want to chat to a nurse :)

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