Atrovent/Budesonide nebs

Hi everyone

I got the new machine with the mouth's so much more efficient than the previous one, which needs recycling I think😃

Slept till 1 or 2 am then from 5 to 7..had to rush to physio for 9 am..that finished me off for the morning!! I got well slapped today 😂

You've got to laugh when you think of took a couple of paracetamol..soup and bed!

Has anybody had those nebs before?? Just wondering when it's going to start working..for now that Atrovent doesn't compare to my blue inhaler, which I had to take last night, well it is a bronchodilator so I understood..

Anyway if you have time to share your experiences it would be most appreciated.

Have a lovely day!


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  • I have those nebs and find them very good I also have Bricanyl nebs as well.

  • Oh Thank you Asthma-girl!!! It makes feel better!!! What's Bricanyl??

  • Hi there,

    So many different drugs out there for us;0) Bricanyl is the trade name for terbutaline sulphate. I have two versions, the old 'wet' inhailer and a newer 'Turohaler'. I've used if for years as an occasional reliever, after not being able to source any more Intal Orange.... It's sounds like you have had quite a day!

    Take care...


  • Hi Gino :))) yes great fun 😀I understand thank you.

    Yes between nebs 🤖, physio which was more dynamic let's say 👊👋I feel like 👻 Instead of 💃🏻tonight..not even a good glass of 🍷or a bit of 🍫 I am such a boring little 😇

    And you my friend how pretty was your day??

  • Hi, my day was fine but tiring thanks. I've a busy couple of days ahead so hope IHave the energy. Sorry for my spelling I meant Turbohailer..... Only one eye open😊 I like your many uses of emoticons🤗

    Sleep now, early start😕 Breath well....


  • I see..Thanks it brightens up the picture!!!

    Sleep tight..

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