When to use nebuliser

I was wondering how often peoe use their nebuliser and how you decide it's the time to use it. I take 2 puffs of 250 Seretide twice a day with a spacer and ventolin as and when needed. But this time of year, with the usual chest infection, on antibiotics and steroids, just wondering if using the nebuliser before bed and/or first thing in the morning might help??

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  • This past week i've been needing a nebuliser in the morning but then 2 hours afterwards its effect is lost. However if you react well to them it may be worth giving it ago.


  • I use mine twice a day morning and night with 5mg salbutamol this time of year. I can use it upto 4 times a day without contacting my nurse or GP but do have brittle asthma.

  • Thanks both, that's really helpful. Will give it a try.

  • Do you already have a nebuliser prescribed for home use?

    If not you may struggle to find a doctor who is willing to give you it. Most people I know had to fight pretty hard to get one!

    I use nebulised salbutamol 5mg every 2-4 hours, Ipatropium 500mcg four times a day with 0.9% Saline with both. I also have Budesonide 1mg twice a day and take my first and last dose of them before bed and before getting out of bed, which works well for me because I then only wake once in the night tight and wheezy!

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