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Naughty lungs

My lungs arnt happy even on max everything .Put on carbocsistine. by AnE as the mucous chokes me.

It does get scary even though sometimes my PF not changed much.

I thought I should have better control as on - easyhaler , spiriva ,

seritide ,flixotide, slophylin,singular, carbocsistine and salbutamol nebs...... My airways tighten and fill full of thick mucous.

Currently nebing 3-4 hourly and carbocsistoine 4 times day with the rest off my stuff but when it get likes this I feel like l was when first got asthma years ago.getting a scared feeling but not spanking as quite laid back but my meds never get reduced and always seem to add more

Hope respatry physio will help.

My asthma is the same all year round with some good times and then like this.

I do know hormones are a trigger also.

Sorry for a rant but don't know anyone with asthma .

resting glynis

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