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Help needed

Hello everyone hope you are all ok. I was wondering if anyone could put some light onto a question I have please, I have never owned a dog before but in march we got a little Lhasa apso pup and I have never felt any allergic reactions to him like throat closing eyes itching or any other symptom

Symptoms but for 4 weeks now I have been struggling and have have 3 lots of antibiotics & 2 lots of steroids, I was wondering of anybody thinks its my dog as I think my girls would rather throw me out then dog. Thank you for reading xxxxxx

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Hi jilliwilly! :-)

Allergies can come on at any point, even if you haven't been allergic to something previously.

A simple blood test can let you know if you are allergic to dogs, just ask your gp.

Fingers x its not thought!!



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