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Keep an eye on these, folks. If my troll radar is working, they are all the same person:

* same IP address - more than this, they share home access through NTL and mobile access via O2

* similar posting style

* are posting from a device that creates line breaks in the content of their posts

* the latter two have surprisingly similar profile entries for ""occupation

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Already ploughing though his/her PM box I think the 18 refers to the number of ""people, symptom lists, medication regiemes etc etc I think I know one thing for sure he is not for real, its just quite how not real...


ps I understand word on the grapevine was I had shuffled off the mortal coil, I am having my 10th week at home in 2010 and awaiting a bed for an amino top. Kira has my sisters number but along with all the other nonsense in 5 years pred has destroyed my spine so many fractures the SHO stopped counting at 32 it was not just pulled muscles it was me cracking my spine everytime I crash land. I have had a rough time and and am easing myself in gently.

PPS should the asthma the clotting issue that all the docs have seen but ""never seen or heard of it before"", my bowel which has gone into a sulk and I am on 20 hour feed let me down and go off to the bridge lounge in the sky to partner again. I want people to know and be able to talk about it. My family know my wishes but I do not want the mods unsure what it is best to do.

The good news Derriford has one of the brightest young stars in the asthma sky who is highly recommended by top asthma bods so I can some treatment under shared care down here in devon.


Thanks Bex - received and understood :)

All these users share one IP - - from which post of the posts come from. Will18 and Robblack also both use which is a mobile device.

No harm at the moment but definitely one to keep an eye on and work on further tomorrow.

Now I really am going to bed...


They also share the common trait of using asterisks instead of brackets.

A lot of what they post describes very severe illnesses, and I have a sense of foreboding about this. We need to keep an eye on them *and* keep and eye out for any new people who show up sharing the same traits.


Diggity Diggity Dig...

So Steve and I have been doing some digging, because chloeaG has been PMing people over the past couple of days, saying that her son ""Tom"" died last month.

Looking further back, she supplied ""Tom""'s full name to Backawayslowly as a Facebook reference so that they could message each other on there. This was ""Filip-Maddison Thomas Green"". Which seems a little odd. F-M Thomas Green has only 11 friends, one of whom is someone called ""Aidan Dean"" who has only two friends, - F-M Thomas Green and ""Kate-Kate"". Kate-Kate's Youtube site is youtube.com/1986Kate (D'ya see the connection? Do you?!).

Kate Kate's cat is called Tom. Am I the only one thinking that a pedigree cat may have a random name, a bit like, oooh, Filip-Maddison Thomas Green?

Kate Kate is from Grimsby, and the most commonly-used IP address resolves to NTL Grimsby.

I think we may have found our ""index case"".

In view of the recent ""death"", I would welcome opinions on the management of this case.


New user ""ashdrake"" reverse IPs to the same NTL server in Grimsby, so I've added them to this subject too.


After consulting with Webed, all the above accounts *except* ashdrake have been suspended with the following reason given:

""Multiple accounts accessed from same IP""

Let's see what, if anything, happens.


Thanks to Plumie being in text-message contact with ""Will"", we've had to go public. Meh.


Sorry I have not been around had a minor splat attack and am recovering in Derriford. Popped onto the site (1st time I have felt up to the internet) and found this, well saw 14 users on line and knew something was ""going down""

One quick thought, does anyone actually know Plumie? During my trawling though looking at Will etc for clues I keep coming across subtle differences in her ""other"" problems. my fantasist radar is twitching.

Will try to pop along again later.



Also re plumies, I Forgot to add that when ever there is trouble about she seems to be in the thick of it, I think that is why my fantasist radar started to twitch. There is something too innocent about her involvement each time.


You're not the first person to share that concern with me, Bex. Lucy aka Sparkly Fairy said much the same to me via Facebook.


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