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persistent breathlessness for the past 2 years

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Hi there,

This will probably sound like a desperate post, but I have a little question here :

It's been 2 years I can't breathe correctly, which means i can't walk for too long (slowly and for 20-40 minutes), I can't talk normally, always have to stop in the middle to catch my breath, etc. Basically it's hard to do any exertion and it's been like this for the past 2 years, which makes everyday life very difficult.

Asthma meds help but they don't help me to be able to properly breathe.

I don't know if at that point it's still possible for my lungs to get back to a normal state. Has anyone known such a long period of asthma and cured it ? Maybe if anyone with similar experience would share theirs, or knowledge about it, I would appreciate it :)

Thank you a lot,


10 Replies
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See your GP and insist on seeing a specialist. You can't cure asthma, but most of us can live reasonably well with it. You need more information about your condition and you may benefit from different medication: there is a lot out there.

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Hi Ilis. Does your GP know about this? Do you get regular asthma reviews?If the answer to those questions is no, then make an appointment and stress how difficult you are finding things.

If the answer is yes then you need to be asking to be referred to a specialist, I would think.

I don’t know what meds you are on, but it is possible that there are others that can be added in or changed.

In the meantime why don’t you give the asthma nurses here a ring to talk things through? They will be able to discuss with you in detail what your options may be.

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Wheezebag13 in reply to Troilus

I would see your GP or Asthma Nurse for a spirometry test to check your lung function as you may need different meds. An allergy test might be useful too, hope you improve soon.

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Do you have a consultant? I have exacerbations of breathlessness roughly every 8 weeks needing course of steroids and struggle to walk like you and any exertion. I have severe eosinophilic asthma which took long time to diagnose. I have recently started on biologics injections which they hope will make big difference. If you don’t have a consultant you should ask your GP for a referral, good luck.

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Hil101 in reply to PattyT22

Hi Patty, I have the same condition and was extremely ill after many months undiagnosed. Biologics are being urged on me. Do the injections help you, which one and are you able to cut down on steroids? It would be helpful to know, please

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PattyT22 in reply to Hil101

I tried Benralizumab first but after 6 months they weren’t helping and I was getting more and more side effects. So I have had 2 injections of Mepolizumab now and fingers crossed I haven’t had a big exacerbation. However I had covid in March and my chest hasn’t fully recovered so don’t feel great. I’m also now stuck on 10mg of pred a day due to adrenal insufficiency so that’s probably helped the asthma 🤷🏻‍♀️. The breathlessness has been so debilitating for me so I will try anything! I hope the biologic helps you, hard to get as so expensive but the data on them says they are like wonder drugs for some people. Good luck.

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Hil101 in reply to PattyT22

Thanks for letting me know, Patty. I'm really sorry you've been having such a rough time and I hope you get fully over Covid and feel much better soon

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Hi llis i was the same for a number of yrs could even get out of the car to the front door even tho i was seeing a specialist until my eldest son said enough mum i can hear you coming down the driveway my breathing was so loud and heavy he spoke to my gp who arrange for me to see some one different , so glad he did as soon as i saw a different specialist just 1 visit he sent me to a different hospital to see a top doctor . Cut a long story short with 99 % oxygen and not being able to breath i had a appoinment in thnext week 4miles away but so glad i went he found out my windpipe had closed up someway and was my problem now im under a severe ashtma clinic .try and get a second oppinion and help from different departments hope you get some relief sorted soon take care.xx

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Hi Ilis, I agree with what the others have said but would like to add a recommendation for Buteyko Breathing which has helped me to breath better (by changing chest and shoulder breathing to diaphragmatic) and I am now much more able to exercise.

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Iv been the same, breathless for 2 years lots of tests and have now been seen by a respiratory consultant & awaiting results following breathing and blood tests to see if my asthma is causing it or if there is something else going on. I did end up seeing 3. GPs before I finally got referred x

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