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flashbacks and hospital admissions?

last year, I had a few hospital admissions which were rough. I can be doing things and have flashbacks hit me from nowhere from that time period, which leave my chest sulking for ages afterwards. I don't want to get personal, but if anyone suffers flashbacks from anything else, any replies would be appreciated from that, too.

1. can anyone relate to rough hospital admissions and flashbacks from it?

2. if so, is it 'normal' for your chest to be a bit iffy for a while afterwards?

I apologise for the awkward wording - I wasn't sure how to word it.

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Hi confused,

that's not an awkward question really. I also get the odd flashbacks and you're right-those can leave your lungs iffy. I'm getting treated by a physio/cranial sacral therapist at the moment and discovered that everytime we have a traumatic experience in life (physically or psychologically) our body stores those events in so called ""energy cysts"" somewhere in the body.

They can sometimes be provoked by similar events or flashbacks.

A cranial sacral therapist can find those energy cysts and get rid off those by SER (somato emotional release) techniques. I've had a few goes so far and it's been great.

Often it's important to get rid off emotional stuff in order to feel better physically.

Hope this explanation helped a little.

Love lydia x


They're horrible, I don't understand why I get them as the admissions haven't been anything overly bad, they've usually been IV hydrocortisone and nebs in A&E and obs and nebs on ward.


Flashbacks do stop, you will be pleased to hear.

For about a year after it happened, I had terrible flashbacks after broke my leg. I think because the way I broke it was so daft and sounded silly (falling while chasing a hat) that I never imagined I'd have bad flashbacks.

Subsequently told by the medics et al, that's as maybe but its a serious break and could've been life threatening!, perhaps that brought on the flashbacks so strongly. Kept going back to point second or two just before the fall right through to me sitting on the snow with no-one around to hear me shout.

You've had a hard time of it too. Flashbacks are the brain's way of dealing with it and sorting into the right folder so to speak.

Best wishes,

Moira xx


yep I had them, they went away in the end


thank you for the replies.

I don't have many words other than thank you at the moment.


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