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Royal Brompton admission

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I am being admitted to the royal bromptom for a steroid wean and lung function tests for 10-14 days from the 5th August. My cons is trying to lower my pred dose in the hope that my lung function test show obstruction so I can maybe start mepo as I have blood eosinophils.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what was it like. I am also a bit unsure about what I should be taking as in clothes wise etc, my cons says I can wear my own pajamas but most poeple wear hospital gowns.

So If anyone has any advice or tips, it would be much appreciated, I a bit nervous to

11 Replies
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Hope it goes well! I can't help you with what is going to happen as I've never been there but clothes wise, it's whatever you are comfortable with. Personally I hate hospital gowns but I also really really dislike wearing pj's all day if I am well enough that I notice it! Therefore on any stay in hospital I tend to take my own pj's but also take in lounge wear type stuff to wear in the day if I'm well enough to change. This tends to consist of leggings or joggers (usually ones I can put on while in bed) and loose t-shirt with a jumper (I run really cold so I'm always freezing in hospitals, I like to take layers so I can add remove as needed) I also tend to take a cotton bralette type thing so I can wear a bra without wearing a real one that might affect breathing/ be uncomfortable to sleep in/affect xrays ect) plus socks! I like fluffy bedsocks but always grippy ones as hospitals hate bedsocks cause of the slip hazard. I also tend to take flipflops/slippers or some kind of shoe that's easy to get on and off without bending but are not very trip hazardy as again, ward staff tend to look out for that.

That said, this is my standard hospital kit and more often than not I'm there for things other than my asthma so I think the main thing is thinking about what you'll be comfy in. It sounds like you are mainly there so they can observe you while you wean the meds and run the tests so you might not want to be in a hospital gown if you 'don't feel sick' but that's personal choice. I would be careful not to pack anything that'll be tight on your chest and anything that isn't very accessible for any leads or lines they may want to use. Maybe a dressing gown if you move anywhere? If you are going in August I'd be thinking about how you will keep cool if needed.

Good luck!

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Angelgoth in reply to bluecar15

Thank you very much for your reply was very helpful, I was thinking of packing similar items also. I'm hoping I will be allowed to wander around and do my own thing when not having tests. Will be taking lots of entertainment to

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Thanks for posting, my GP is referring to the Brompton as the high does of steriods over many months, inhalers and other add-on drugs are failing to prevent escalation. It’s useful to hear what happens and how they support the taking stuff out without causing an issue. Good luck.

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Hi, I'm due to go into Royal Brompton on 5th August too for a steroid wean. I have been there before on several occasions and patients wear a mixture of their own pyjamas or clothes depending on how they feel. I tend to find not many wear hospital gowns.I tend to take comfy clothes and bralettes etc plus a cardigan in case in gets chilly ( ha ha in this weather) It's a good idea to take some shoes or clothes you can do a bit of exercise in as sometimes the physios like you to do some exercise depending on how you are.

Remember to take books, a tablet to watch TV on, craft etc whatever to fill your time.

I'm the opposite of you in that I have obstruction but the steroids are suppressing the Eosinophil count.

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Hi thank you for your reply, have they told you how long you will be staying for?

Also do u normally stay on a mixed ward or do u have your own room. This is my first time staying as an in patient at the Brompton.

also do they let you leave the hospital eg to go out for lunch etc or meet friends and family. I have been told I'm allowed visitors

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Cant answer your question fully, however I think comfortable clothing is generally acceptable in hospital, taking into account hospital are generally very hot. Hope it all goes to plan.

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Hi Angelgoth,I had to wean myself from long term prednisone 40 mg. daily. It took me about 1 month to do that and I was tired but other than that, did not have much reaction as this was a slow process over 4 weeks. I immediately started on Mepo after that and have never had to take Prednisone again. (over 2 years now). I did this all at home so don't know about needing hospitalization. Good luck and I'm sure you will feel much better after you start the mepo!


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Angelgoth in reply to HannahBenson

Hi I also have adrenal insufficiency and can never seem to get below 10mg without having a flare up. My cons also thinks the pred is masking airflow obstruction on the spirometer, and without that I can't start mepo which is why I am having the admission.

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Hi AngelGoth,

I have been to the Royal Brompton for a number of things including a steroid wean which was also a 10 to 14 day trip.

When i was there for the steroid wean we were allowed to go out of the hospital so normal clothes were a good idea for the daytime you just had to leave your mobile number on a sign out sheet (Not sure what there procedure is now after all the covid protocols but might be worth you asking them the question before going).

But i took my own PJ's as they are far more comftable than the hospital pj's and gowns and you know they fit lol

As my last visit was for an aminophylline trial so i was on a 24/7 IV through a pic line so could not leave my bed for that one.

But all the staff are very good and helpful there based on the multiple admissions i have had there

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Angelgoth in reply to martin_1972

How did the steroid wean go? I've been told I can't go below 5mg due to adrenal insufficiency, but they are trying to get my dose low enough so my lung function tests so obstruction so I can start mepo

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martin_1972 in reply to Angelgoth

unfortunately i have only even managed to get down to 15mg a day. Normally if i go down to 10 then i am in hospital within 2 or 3 weeks even with the use of biological treatments i have not been able to reduce any more than that. the MDT are looking as to weather they change my Biological treatment to a monthly IV version just waiting to hear the results of there conversation

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