Windy weather

Is anyone else struggling to breathe?

I dont know whay but when it is very windy, I feel short of breath and need a salbutomol fix! One of my year 8s needed his inhaler bad in PE today too even though we were inside! Is it a common trigger? I have had asthma for 20 years but have never linked it to wind! Saying that though it is hammering here - my ponies are going mad and the kids wont go to bed! - think the roof may blow of shortly!

Seriously though - is it just me or does the wind literally take anyone elses breath away?

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  • Gasping here in Orkney too... had to go out to get some more logs for the fire... and lets just say...glad I had my Neb at hand.

    Keep warm and away from the nasty winds kat123 !!

    Hugs from the O Isles


  • windy weather

    had to use my ventolin this evening . Very windy here in Ireland.

    take care


  • Me too!

    I've been struggling a lot today with tight chest and shortness of breath and been using more ventolin than usual. Saw practice nurse this afternoon and she said to stay inside and keep warm, can't really up any meds but got pred on standby for tomorrow if peak flow drops anymore. I'm in uni for 9am and its so cold right now I'm really not looking forward to being out there in the morning.

    Windy cold weather has always been a bit of a problem for me, it literally takes my breath away!

    Love and warm hugs,

    Sparkly Fairy

  • re windy/ ciggarette smoke grrr

    Hi its groovy chick here i am not very happy at all tonight the inhaler had to come out and i wondered weather it was a mixture of the cold wet wind and ciggerette smoke that made me have a little attack tonight and im still tight chested. oh dear hope the weather picks up for us lot isnt it supossed to get worse before it gets better. well any case im battling down the hatches and staying in a warm house and bed till it dies down a bit. i am pleased it isnt just me suffering in north hykeham then its everywhere else. and i am so worn out and tired too. does anyone else feels worn out and tired too not much energy or is it just me from groovy chick

  • Also bit breathless tonght. Had to have long words with my friend, but all OK again now. Am tucked up tight and warm.

    Sharing my breathe with you all.



  • I'm shivering away here! Storage heaters really are useless when its cold like this... with the ones we have here at uni its as though you have to anticipate that you are going to be cold about two days in advance lol. I'm always either freezing cold or way too hot no matter how you adjust the settings. Have got a sheet, duvet and fleecy blanket plus hot water giraffe!

    It does sound very rough outside eek!

    Night night xxx

  • Have taken my Neb to bed with me... gently toasting under 3 quilts ...YES 3 Quilts ... 40+ togs on top of me!!

    Hope you are keeping just as warm.... and thanks for all the messages with offers of hot bottles, blankets and all the other suggestions regarding ""Keeping Warm!""

    Hugs from under the quilt here in the Orkneys



    You guys say you're having cold and windy weather... I checked in MSN-weather service and it says in O. Islands it is snowing and -2 degrees celsius, in east of England it's +6, and in other places there something in between. Well, We've been suffering here for disapointingly warm winter weather, but last nigh started the first SNOW STORM of the year. So you could say we're also having a cold and windy weather now ;D I'm really happy with the snow, and luckily my asthma doesn't seem to mind the wind a bit :) I'd better enjoy the weather now, since its zero degrees out and they've promised the snow will soon turn into water :( And so most likely we won't have any nice shining snow here left tomorow... It's just bad that I've caught a cold, so I have to stay inside and cannot go out to really enjoy this rare fenomena. But I can still watch the play of the snow flakes and rushing of the wind and smile :)

  • Sun's out here again in Kensington and the wind has gone. Sky is so blue. Temperature is cold, but not icily. Quite disappointed, in a way, that didn't get snow. I love snowy landsapes (when I'm indoors and its outside). If it stays like this, I'll be off to the zoo tomorrow - looking out for hot water giraffes! Will report back if I find any of them in the wild and will take plenty of photos of them. Struggling to breathe, but I think that is down to somebody making me laugh too much.

    Keep tucked up warm, everybody.



  • Can I take that back. It's getting really cold. The wind is coming back and I am really starting to struggle now. PF going down faster than the temperature and coughng going up inversely. Can I borrow hot water giraffe, please? No snow still.


  • Was very windy yesterday though it is better here today. (Eastern England)

    Poor robin got blown off bird table!

  • Snow not really here yet...but the coldest it has been, and although my PF has gone down by quite a bit... feeling really nice and cosy, seeing and talking to my best friend always perks me up.

    Hope you are keeping warm and sending hugs and kisses to you all the way from the Orkney Isles


  • When the snow came to middlesbrough it came by force and i think him upstairs must not be happy with us all in middlesbrough because everyone seemed to be looking at each other feeling sorry for the person or persons stud next to them. Toch alot of wood my asthma has been the best it has been for along time my old friend blue has not come out to see me for couple of days SHOCK SHOCK take care everyone and wrap up warm xxxxxx

  • Well heavy snow arrived in earnest during last night, Temperature gage at the kitchen door says -6. Just seen polar bears passing by.... either that or freezing weather making me hallucinate!

    Having to go out for some more logs for the stove so that it does not go out ... if I don't appear in the forum again today..... send for the search and rescue party !!!

    To one and all... Wrap up and Keep warm !!


  • *passes hot water giraffe to Alan* She's called Georgina btw!

    I hope everyone is snuggled inside in the warm. Susy take care with all that snow, we have none here but at home in Cheshire they have a few cm. Need to go to uni to do some work on computers in a bit... will have to wrap up very warm!

  • HI song for windy weather

    Hi everybody its groovy chick here as its windy here is a song for you all


    Who`s peaking out from under a stairway calling a name tha`ts lighter than air ? Who`s bending down to give me a rainbow everyone knows it`s windy

    And windy has stormy eyes that flash at the sound of lies and windy has wings to fly up above clouds up above clouds up above clouds up above clouds reapet ect

    Who`s tripping down the streets of the city smiling at everbody she sees?

    Who`s reaching out to capture a moment everyone knows it`s windy.

    from groovy chick

    I thought id post this one to cheer everyone up what do you all think

  • Blowin In The wind

    Here is another windy song to get the better weather Here and the bad weather gone

    How Many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

    Yes and how many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand?

    Yes and how many times must the cannon balls fly before they`re for ever banned?

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

    The answer is blowing in the wind.

    from groovy chick hope you are all feeling chirpy now after reading these songs

  • Is it OK for me to share Georgina with friend who has more snow than me? I've still only got picture from last year of snow here. Glad hot water Giraffe has got a lovely name - makes being lent her very special. Thank you.

    Breathing going up and down like yoyo - maybe need hot water otter too, because otters are so adorable too. Wished I could see them crossing the road nearby, but fat chance living in London with A4 as main road.



  • We had snow this morning but its all gone now :(

    I spent all morning walking mad dogs at an animal sanctuary, they were very confused by the snow! I was wearing a thermal vest, two tshirts, a jumper, a fleece and a v thick coat, and i was still cold! My hands were turning blue...I must be mad to spend all morning outside in weather like this.

    Asthma didnt seem to bother me much this morning, apart from when i decided to go for a mad sprint in the snow with one of the dogs, but that was my own stupid fault. Even then it wasn't quite as bad as usual when I try running anywhere. And cold is usually a big trigger for me... Maybe I'm just strange :P

    Hope everyone's warmed up now!

  • Cookiecat

    Worked out why you were still cold - No socks or boots! ;)



  • Still minus -6 here... and snowing hard !!

    Sitting by the log fire thinking nice warm thoughts... wishing I could see blue sky and fluffy clouds !

    Fish pond frozen solid even otters staying under ground, only those wanting to shout out loud venturing outside!

    Can anyone out there advice ...what to do that I not already doing to keep the frostbite from biting and bring some heat back into my life !!!

    A friend suggested Chocolate - Will be giving it a try ... always a good alternative solution to most things in life I find, wishing I had my best friend here with me to share a mug of the melted stuff.

    Keep warm and cosy everyone !

    Breathing a little easier now that I am back inside.


  • I'm definitely needing my hot water giraffe tonight, I'm freezing again! I'm not believing the bbc when they say its currently 5 degrees...

  • grrr now I can't sleep and my urticaria has flared up, i keep hopping to the bathroom for a cool flannel and more diprobase hehe

  • LOL Alan! I forgot to say I was wearing 3 pairs of socks and a pair of trousers as well!!!! No more snow here... not been outside so don't know how cold it is, but have turned heating up.

    *goes back to hide inder nice warm duvet*

  • Cookiecat: Wasn't going to mention the trousers - had thought about them ;) !!

    Sparkly Fairy: Blues and twos assigned to Georgina and on her way back as fast as possible. Friend switched to other hot stuff.

    Wind: Go away - You're giving us all a really bad time. Dont want to play this game any more. Can think of much nicer ones.

    Loads of very warm hugs and lots of passion to warm up.



  • I got something recently from an outdoor shop which helps. It's a fleece. You can use it to cover your mouth and nose and their is a drawstring to stop it moving (scarfs ten to slip). It helps without making you too hot although it does tend to make my glasses steam up when it's very cold.

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