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more confused??

well.. been to consultant for review this morning... 3 days after lat appt... next review in 3 weeks :S

after my messages on here, u guys prob know been having rough time of it lately. severe exacerbation-hdu 10/2/11 til 14th then home then brief a+e visit 16th then back in hdu cos of chest infection and unresolved exacerbation - 18th til 21st.... chest infection unresolving so on stronger antibiotics- which i am still taking, still not quite there despite endles nebs giving sally shakes, oxygen, iv magnesium and iv aminophylline as usual, whilst in hospital.

went to consultant mon 21/2/11 for resp fiunction, only too unwell to do, ended up on nebs instead :S and meds changed...

continuing needing frequent inhalers, bout 3hrly 6-10 puffs and odd neb and needed trip to a+e again yesterday for more nebs, stronger antibiotics as it seems this is a stubborn bugger, intent on causing me hassle, severe pain and utter exhaustion!!! .... they wanted to admit me again :S but i was adamant not to be kept in again despit not being able to hold down a conversation... so more + more nebs and he let me go as long as i PROMISE call 999 if cannot manage 3hrly comfortably at least...

i did though, then went resp function testing this morning... well...

peak flow down, never! spirometry 50% predicted... and couldnt complete all the test as too breathless and brought on attack of wheeze etc.. and needed treatment, grrrr.... so after i was able to breathe, seen consultant, who says he wants me off pred cos of long term effects and cos i am already on highest possible inhaled steroids and other things, yet i cant cope without being on oral pred also??? where else do i go from here???

so i take 4 x inhalers, when i really have to- nebs, monte, pred, cetirizine. was taking aminophylline too but this was stopped ? start again i dunno. but i find i respond much quicker/better in an emergency/resus to magnesium + aminophylline + if i was taking this orally long term i wuldnt....!


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Aww you poor thing Snowygirl, you really are having a bad time of it aren't you, it can be so fustrating and exhausting.

I do hope you start to feel better soon


Wow..........I don't have any suggestions I'm afraid but I do sympathise with you massively. You really are having a dreadful time.

I hope things improve for you soon......maybe if you can sort out the chest infection with the stronger antibiotics then things will start to get better.

Hugs and healing thoughts being sent your way

Fee x x x


thanks for your replies.

i am so exhausted.... pain isnt so bad wiv regular pain control - paracetamol and odd codeine, but with added bereavement today :( so emotional and therefore i am more wheezy, so at risk of goin back hospital so taking more care, REST!!

sorry i seem to do nothing but complain, just seems.. i dunno....

anyways thanks guys for your support :) xx


I can't offer anything remotely constructive I'm afraid, just sympathy as that all sounds horrible! I hope you get it sorted out soon. xx


Can only echo what the others have said - sounds awful. Thinking of you and do hope things improve soon. xxx


Sorry to hear this, hopefully things will get sorted.

In the meantime look after yourself and take things as easy as you can.



Hopefully your doctors will get u sorted soon.

Take care



thanks guys....

trying to take things easy... on 3-4 hrly salbutamol that seems to be controlling things enough to keep me out of hospital as such :S although exhausted.... although had bad news today and emotional so that making me more wheezy so the odd puff in between needed...

plenty rest needed and TLC :) due back in work next wed :S maybe a trip to GP in moning for sicknote in order??



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