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Intal inhalers v nebs

i am thinking about coming off steroids, of course doctor will have final say, but if i do i prefer to use intal rather than any other - if anyone has ideas please let me know. As refering to a previous post on here intal seems to get really clogged up.

My question is has anyone used these in nebs and were they any good as i am going to try and persuade my doctor its the way to go alongside reducing my steroid. Although i do have a feeling i will get shot down in flames and a slapped wrist even for suggesting it - lol. anyone with any persuading lines gratefully received!!

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Hi Lola,

Do you mean coming off steroid inhalers, or reducing pred? Are there many other non-steroid alternatives? The steroids never worked for me so I'm on Intal (amongst other things), though I find it hard to work out if it's doing anything for me.

I had no idea you even could use Intal in a neb - info is hard to find, I do know you can only get the inhaler from Sanofi-Aventis and not at all in the US. If you google it, make sure you put 'pages from the UK' or you'll get pages of posts from angry Americans complaining about not being able to get it anymore (I can see their point but it's no use to you!).

My inhalers do get clogged up though I think it may be a bad batch atm - you may need to be more meticulous about cleaning the cases than I am. Might be worth getting a spacer if you do end up with the inhalers - Sanofi-Aventis should send you one free if you contact them directly.

Good luck with it all. I'm afraid I'm no good at persuading lines - every time someone on here or the adviceline has suggested a medication I've gone along prepared to ask and my GP has got there already! I believe it's meant to be good for asthma with a strong exercise-induced component though, is that a major trigger for you? If so you could maybe try that line. I guess being as informed as possible is the best way forward so if it comes to a disagreement you can lay your reasons out for the dr and they can see why you're asking for it.


I didnt think Intal where in neb form

I found steriod nebs good for reducing my oral steriods..


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