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Skint Student!


I am a skint student - aren't all students though? - and i turn 19 at the weekend (yay!) But, this means i will have to start paying for meds, right?

I'm way too skint to do this and am even considering that i may not be able to pay for them at all, maybe just a Ventolin now and again...

Is there any help i can get to pay for these? I need seretide and montelukast monthly, as well as fairly regular ventolin MDI's, spacers, antihistamines etc....

Thanks in advance, Emz

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Entitlement to help with health costs (NHS prescription and dental charges, optical and hospital travel costs) is based on the principle that those who can afford to contribute should do so, while those who are likely to have difficulty in paying should be protected.

People can get help on age or medical grounds or by being in receipt of one of the exempting benefits or tax credits (see leaflet HC11 for more information).

People who have to pay NHS charges may be able to get help under the NHS Low Income Scheme. The amount of help is based on a comparison between a person's income and requirements at the time that a claim is made or a charge was paid.

To make a low income claim you need to complete form HC1 - this form cannot be downloaded from the web. You must obtain a hard copy. Ring the DH Publications Orderline on 08701 555 455, Textphone number is 08700 102 870, to get an HC1 and pre-paid return envelope. Jobcentre Plus offices and NHS hospitals should also have HC1s available. Some GPs, dentists, opticians might also have them.

When you have filled in the HC1 you should send it to: Patient Services, Sandyford House, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1DB - in the prepaid envelope provided.

Form HC1 should be used to claim help with paying health costs for:

NHS prescriptions

NHS dental treatment

NHS wigs and fabric supports

Sight tests, glasses and contact lenses

Travel for NHS treatment under the care of a consultant

You might be able to get them free, or get help with paying for them

Hope this helps - pm me if you need further info/ clarification



if you can't get help that way can apply for a pre-payment certificate ppa.org.uk/ppa/ppcdd/patien...

is a lot cheaper especially if need more then 4 scripts in a 3 month period



You should be able to get a low income cetificate thing for full help with health costs which will entitle you to free prescriptions, dental treatment, eye tests etc. You can pick them up at a job centre, gp, hospital or order onkline. I was 19 2 weeks ago and I am also a student. I have had mine since starting uni last year mainly because it also covers the cost of travel to see a consultant. Very handy when your consultant is 100 miles away! Also another bit of advice if while you are waiting to receive the certificate you have to pay prescription charges maje sure you ask for a receipt. You can then claim for a refund using a HC5 form. Hope this helps and happy birthday!

Love steph xx


the other thing to consider is asking you gp how much they can give you at once- some gps will only give you a month at a time, others 3 months supply - so worth seeing how much you can negotiate - you only pay for each different drug, so 4 salbutamol inhalers costs you the same as 1.



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