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An update: Got accuhalers!

After my latest episode (sse other post) I've been back to my GP today and I now have Seretide and Ventolin as accuhalers, so we're gonna see how that goes. Also got yet more Pred (Third lot in 3 weeks) so looking forward to continued sleeplessness (NOT).

Even on Pred, I'm still having to use Ventolin up to 6 puffs a day at the moment to control symptoms. Doc advised I stay off work now until after Easter, to allow everything to settle down and to let my body recover and to see if the new form of inhaler helps.

Really hope it does. I'd forgotten how rubbish all this can make a person feel. And I'm getting a nice moon face starting to develop :o(

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Hey kitanda.

Fantastic news! I really hope the accuhalers work, remeber they can take up to 2 -6 weeks to get in to your system but in the mean time the steriods should help.

What strength ventolin accuhaler do you have?

Also on standard 100mg salbutmol (ventolin) you can have up to 8 puffs in 24 hours so dont worry too much about needing 6. I know people on here have a lot lot more but you are within the standard range so do not worry! Read the leaflet that came with the inhaler and it tells you up to 8 in 24 hours.

I really hope the accuhaler gets you under control, it certainly helped me a lot!

What strength seretide do you have?

A tip on not sleeping, dont lie in bed tossing and turning get up and do something, yes your body needs 8 hours sleep a day but they do not all have to be in one block they can be separted.

I am around to chat more if you wanted.

Your fellow aerosol and cannister allergy person.




I know what you mean about the moon face, I used to have a lovely slim face but now I look like a chipmunk! Hope the new meds help.



Hi Plumie,

So far so good with the accuhalers. When I was using Ventolin up to 6 times a day it was my old evohaler, 100mcg size. My accuhaler is 200mcg per dose, and I used it once today and once yesterday. Both times it seemed to work really quickly, and I seem to be able to draw it really deep into my lungs and keep it there. With the old evohaler, I didn't seem to be able to keep it in long enough. Asthma symptoms are much improved and my airway is much less twitchy.

My seretide is 500/50 strength 2 puffs a day at the moment (this is the biggest dose of steroid inhaler I've had to have - last year when I was bad, I was on Clenil Modulite 200, 4 puffs a day). The doc only took me off Serevent about 3 weeks ago, as I was complaining it was making my symptoms worse, as was my Clenil Modulite. After changing to Flixotide, still evohaler, then having the bad attack last Friday, he put me on Seretide in accuhaler form, so back on the Serevent. Haven't had any problems so far.

As for not sleeping, I've been on Prednisolone several times, and realised that tossing and turning wasn't for me. To date, I made a backdrop for my band, melted all my bits of candle wax and made candles, watched lots of tv, cleaned 2 bathroom cabinets out, and I have stuff lined up to take me until next Weds, when my stepping down has finished and hopefully I'm back to normal.

And I just ordered my prepaid prescription certificate. I spent £43.20 on prescription meds in the last fortnight, so figured £104 for the year was a bargain!

Tracey x


Hi kitanda

Glad to hear the accuhalers are working so well for you! Hope that is you nicely controlled for a good long while.



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